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With 2017 coming to an end, most people are gearing up to the coming year with a well crafted new year’s resolution. At the top of that wish list, most people have the resolve to build beast body by making some changes in their lives. A beast body refers to a robust and shredded body by flowing effective and proven workouts. Such body mass or shape can be achieved by following workouts that enhances upper body or lower body strengths like kegel exercises for men.

However, to get the best from the workouts, you have to understand how to perform them correctly and not necessarily to know how they are called. Here are the ten heavy exercises that you should try today if you want to transform into the beast body quickly and within a short period.

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10.    Mountain Climbers

Mountain climber is a workout that is designed to help you work on different joints and muscle groups and therefore is extremely useful in delivering the expected results. The exercise provides excellent benefits such as low libido and erectile dysfunction in men, as it targets different body parts simultaneously.  Moreover, the workout targets your abdominals and can be done at the comfort of your home, the park or anywhere. The following are some of the instructions to enable you to perform the workout well.

    Start by laying flat on your stomach

    Then switch to a push-up position

    Subject the lower body in a running like movement

    Finally, ensure that you squeeze your abdominals while carrying out the workout

9.    V-Sit Ups

V-sit up workouts can be done as a massive exercise for quick desired results or do it simply by incorporating more rest intervals and making it less vigorous. The workout mainly focuses on the lower core muscles, and therefore it is more of an abdominal workout. Performing it as a massive workout for better results, ensure that you squeeze the lower core muscles extremely hard and maintain the position for long. Here the guidelines that you should follow when doing massive V-sit ups:

    Begin by laying flat on your back while keeping your legs straight

  Next lift your both legs up straight and stretch to reach for your toes

    Finally, squeeze your abdominal muscles when performing the workout

8.    Burpees

This is one of the most effective workouts that can be performed by anyone and anywhere although it is difficult. The exercise is worth doing as it has been proven to transform you into the beast body without even incorporating testosterone boosters. Here are the guidelines that you should follow to this effective workout.

    Begin by getting your body into a push-up position

    Get back to your feet

    Then do some high jumps upwards

    Finally, repeat the above steps and ensure that you maintain a good pace

7.    Jumping Squats

Jumping Squats is another effective workout that includes performing the usual squats and a power jump. The workout is made to our list of the heavy workouts that transforms you into the beast body, as it is a compound exercise. This is because it targets different muscle groups simultaneously.

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Performing jumping squats helps you strengthen your lower body by working on your hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Therefore, jumping intense squats workout improves your lower body strength as well as your ligaments and bones. The following are some of the instructions that you should follow to do this jumping squats perfectly:

    Start by getting into a squat position

    Place your feet facing outward at an acute angle

    Then use your quads to power up

6.    Shoulder Killer

Shoulder Killer workout that mainly targets your middle deltoids and therefore can easily bring out the desired results if done correctly. The work can be done at home or anywhere, as it does not require lifting any weights. Here are the instructions that you should follow to perform the workout flawlessly:

    Begin by getting into a V position while placing your palms flat on the floor

    Then position your head between your arms while facing inwards

    Finally, perform a complete shoulder push up

5.    Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges is one of the popular lower body workouts as anyone can easily do them. This is because the workout is productive and relaxing and therefore does not make you be in any uncomfortable positions. Walking Lunges offers excellent benefits as it works on strengthening your lower body. Besides, it targets different muscle groups that include hamstrings, quadriceps and much more. Here are the guidelines that will enable you to reap the best out of the workout:

    Start by standing tall while putting your both feet together

    Then take on leg forward before getting into a lunge position

    Repeat the above steps while alternating the position of your legs for better lower body strength

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4.    Broad Jump

The workout helps in developing horizontal athleticism and your hip power. Broad jump involves three heavy but useful phases that include loading, exploding and landing. For the loading phase, you are required to start with your feet at about shoulder-width apart while placing your arms at chest height. Next, swing your arms simultaneously while flexing at the knees, hips, and legs.

After loading, then proceed to the next phase immediately after loading by pushing your legs and hips forward. Next focus on jumping out and up at the same time. This is because the vertical movement helps in reducing the shear stress on the knees.

Finally, prepare to get to the last phase by bringing your feet and arms in front of you. For better and safe landing, ensure that you drop your hips when you are about to get to the ground ensure that you drop your hips. This is because it helps in absorbing force when you are in flatfoot position. Then maintain the landing position for some time to reinforce proper position before jumping high five times for your acrobatics. However, it is vital to preserve jumps to a single response, which means you have to take time to reset before the next jump as this is usually a cumbersome exercise.

3.    Incline Plyo Push-Up

The workout is another effective plan that might seem uncomfortable at first, but with time, it becomes easy to do. The workout is a powerful horizontal pressing exercise that delivers more benefits than the normal or claps push-ups.

The incline plyo push-ups are ideal for the larger individuals as it enables them to remain in a neutral spine position and therefore generates great force without exerting much pressure on your joints. Here is how to do incline plyo push-ups:

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    Start by assuming a push-up position while on a bench with your hands aligned to the shoulders without allowing your ribs to dip

    Ensure that your abs are braced, your back remains straight, and legs are fully extended

    Lower body explosively on the bench before pushing your body away with great zeal and energy

    Then bend your elbow slightly to overcome the force of gravity that is trying to push you to your beginning position while sticking to the landing position for some time.

    Finally, get back to the initial position and repeat the steps 3 to 5 times with heavy pressing and with 60 to 90 seconds break intervals

2.    Overhead Ball Slam

Overhead Ball Slam is an explosive work that targets shoulder extension, triceps, lats, pecs, and posterior delts allowing them to generate force rapidly. The workout target all the key areas of the body as it forces your core to do double work by transferring force from the upper body through the lower body to the ground.

Apart from being effective, the workout is safe as it prevents your spine from flexing forward. The workout is recommended for beginners who want to start hitting the weights to prepare their bodies for the same. The following are the instruction on how to do it:

    Start by standing straight with two feet together holding while a non-bouncy medicine ball overhead

    Maintain the ball overhead for some time

    Then throw the ball to the ground while keeping your eyes straight forward and not lowering your chest

    Repeat the plan 4 to 6 times with 60-90 seconds of rests, but remember that you aim is to throw the ball to the ground as hard as possible without rounding your shoulders or bending your waist

1.    Weightlifting or Deadlift

Weightlifting is the one of the common heavy work that easily transforms you into the beast body. The work target different muscle groups in various body parts including shoulders, chest, arms, legs, hamstrings, and abdomens. However, the work may not be popular with women and skinny men, but they can still start with lifting relatively small weights. Here is how to do it efficiently.

    Start holding two small weights with hands and lift them in turns

    Then advance to weights that will require you to use both arms to lift

    When lifting bigger weights with the two hands start by putting your feet together first while hold the weights handle with the hands at a shoulder distance

    Then bend down to gather the momentum before lifting the weights to your chest and rest for two to three seconds

    Finally, push the weights over your head by stretching your arms out and maintain the weights in that position for some time

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Overall, there are many different types of workouts that you can do anytime and anywhere, regardless of whether you are new to the gym or not. These include the above workouts as they are proven extremely effective in building muscle when incorporated into a daily routine. However, it is advisable to begin with the right ones to prepare your body for more vigorous workouts as it helps in minimizing the risks of suffering injuries or severe soreness.


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