The Truth about Masturbation, Testosterone Levels, and Muscle Growth

When you were a teenager, you might’ve been told that masturbating will cause hair to grow on your hands and many other stories. These are common myths that adults often tell younger people to prevent them from masturbating but, in reality, masturbation is a natural sexual act that young boys often perform.

Even in adulthood, men still masturbate on a relatively frequent basis – some men even continues masturbating while they are in a relationship. One particular topic that gains a lot of interest on muscle building forums and among men, in general, is whether or not masturbation can affect their testosterone levels and lead to an adverse impact on their muscle growth. Some believe it can, while others claim that masturbation is a healthy act and will not cause havoc on a person’s bodybuilding efforts. In this article, we are going to dive deeper into this topic and discuss whether it is just another myth or something that you should be concerned about.



Testosterone and Muscle Growth

Testosterone is the main sex hormone that inhabits the male body. This hormone flows through the entire body and is present in the blood circulatory system. The hormone is present in both male and female bodies, but it is more abundant in the male body and also plays more significant roles in the male body.

During a man’s teenage years or, more specifically, when he reaches puberty, testosterone causes manly features to develop. This includes a mustache, hair in the pubic area and even the growth of their penis. Testosterone plays many more roles in the development of a teenage boy, and the function of this hormone continues to be important into a man’s adulthood life.

Normal levels of testosterone are important for the wellbeing of the male body. It assists with energy metabolism, it helps to keep excess fat under control, and it helps to create a leaner, more attractive physique. The features that people associated with the term “alpha male” are all dependent on normal or high levels of testosterone.


When testosterone levels fall, however, muscle growth may be impaired, and muscle mass may be reduced. Abdominal fat may also increase with a reduction in testosterone levels, and various other symptoms, such as problems with a man’s sex drive and a reduction in their bone mass can also become a problem. Learning how to increase testosterone level in men can help to avoid these problems and treat them in case they do develop.

Masturbation and Testosterone Levels

We now know that testosterone plays a big part in the development of lean muscle mass, and when testosterone levels are low, a man may be more prone to picking up weight as fat instead of as muscle mass. Now, let’s look at how masturbation affects testosterone levels and, in turn, impacts muscle growth in men.

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There are some reports that claim masturbation to be unhealthy for men, but the truth is, they never really go into the specific details about when it can be unhealthy for you, but rather simply state that it can be. Masturbation is a natural act that men of all ages can participate in – the act is more popular amongst younger men. In reality, masturbation is actually good for a man – it helps them perform better during sex and even increases the time they can last during sex when the man suffers from premature ejaculation, quite similar to the effects that natural supplements have – for example, take a look at Virectin reviews on the internet and you’ll notice that man users experience these particular benefits when using such a product as well. These are certainly benefits and not potential problems. 

When it comes to testosterone, the link becomes a little more complicated. According to Health Visit, sperm consists of water and numerous nutrients, with one of the most important ones being zinc. When a man masturbates and ejaculates, then some nutrients leave his body in the sperm. Now, a few nutrients that are contained within sperm are not enough to cause any significant or noticeable problems with the man’s physical wellbeing or performance, and it certainly will not cause a considerable reduction in testosterone levels.

The problem, however, becomes present when a man masturbates too much. While two to three masturbation sessions per week are an adequate number to benefit from this particular sexual act, masturbating and ejaculating too many causes a more significant volume of nutrients, with zinc being the most prominent, to be expelled from the body. Normally, this might not always cause problems apart from the fact that too much masturbation leads to problems with neurotransmitters and hormones in the brain, but when a man is already deficient in zinc, then his zinc levels may drop further.


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While zinc intake has not been linked directly to an increase in testosterone production, several studies found men who are deficient in zinc to also experience lower levels of testosterone. When these individuals who suffer from a zinc deficiency start taking a daily zinc supplement, their testosterone levels increases somewhat due to the zinc levels becoming balanced. Thus, masturbation does not pose a threat to muscle growth in general, but when zinc levels are low, and a man is masturbating too much, then it might become a more significant problem to consider.


Testosterone is an essential hormone for the growth of muscle mass, as well as for stamina and endurance during strength training sessions. When testosterone levels decline, so can muscle mass and endurance. Masturbation is a particular sexual act that is sometimes associated with a decline in testosterone, which may adversely affect muscle growth, but research has deemed this fact as a myth as there is no evidence that masturbation causes a decline in testosterone or affects muscle growth in any way.

Instead of worrying about whether or not masturbation may affect muscle growth, men should rather concentrate on other factors in their life, such as stress and substance abuse, which may cause a decline in testosterone. If testosterone levels are statistically low, then a natural supplement, such as Epic Male, may pose as a better alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.

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