What Is THC E Liquid And How Do You Make It?

If you aren’t vaping THC e liquid then you’re simply behind the curve. It might be the most revolutionary development for cannabis since the joint. Think that’s an outrageous claim? Think again.

THC e liquid is more discreet than any joint ever thought about being.

THC e liquid is just as portable if not even easier to take on the go.

Furthermore, it’s more potent than using cannabis flower and less harmful to your health.

THC E Liquid Vs Dabbing In A Dab Rig

Dab rigs work just fine under some circumstances, but there are drawbacks too. Will a dab rig turn your favorite concentrate into a thick, tasty vapor you can inhale? Absolutely. But that’s where the benefits come to an abrupt halt.

The Problem With Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are unfortunately big and bulky. Most don’t travel well and the ones that do are either extremely expensive or not much to look at. If you have hundreds of dollars to invest, go for it. Not everyone is in that position.

If your dab rig has an enail, it’s very easy to operate, but you’re tied to a power source. That often means a wall outlet. If your rig has a regular analog nail, you’ll have to preheat it before dabbing using an open flame. Not into living that torch life? You’re stuck near an electricity source, then.

Even the big and bulky rigs are pretty pricey. You’ll need space to store it, you’ll have to clean it, and you have to figure out where to put all the tools and the torch itself.

Getting the picture?

The THC E Liquid Solution

THC e liquid lets you vape with the same level of convenience that former cigarette smokers enjoy when they vape nicotine.

You can buy already mixed cartridges full of THC e liquid, or you can make your own for much, much cheaper.

Either way, you have a very discreet, very tasty, very easy way to take your THC or CBD no matter where you are.

Explaining THC E Juice

Whether you buy it pre-filled or make your own, THC e liquid is a mixture of liquidizers (food grade and FDA safe) and some kind of cannabis concentrate. All the liquidizer does is adjust the viscosity of the wax, shatter, budder, or crumble so that any vape can wick it.

That’s how nicotine vapes work. Some type of wick brings vape juice into contact with heat and that heat turns it into vapor. Regular vapes can’t vape wax because it’s too think and it just won’t wick. 

Why Making Your Own THC E Juice Is Better Than Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges

Pre-filled vape cartridges are great, but they’re not the best way to enjoy THC vape juice. 

They’re incredibly expensive when you realize you’re paying for diluted concentrate and a cartridge that costs the manufacturer fractions of a penny to make.

They’re only sold at dispensaries, so you have to travel there to buy them.

You get what you get. You have little choice over the flavor of the mix, what strain to choose from, and the strength of the solution. Most of the compatible vape batteries don’t even offer temperature control.

When you make your own THC E Juice, you pay just pennies for the liquidizer itself and add your own wax. You put it in your own vape. You’re creating less waste and saving money.

420 Pony voted Wax Liquidizer the Product of the Year in 2016 because it stands out from its competitors. They offer 6 flavors, a great price, customization, home delivery, and a product that’s compatible with any vape from pods to RDAs.

Visit their website to see how much you can save using this product. You can turn $35 worth of shatter into $210 worth of pre-filled vape cartridges in seconds.

How To Make The Juice

Add 2 mls of Wax Liquidizer to 1 gram of concentrate and mix together using a little heat. Most people pop the mix into a microwave safe container and give it a spin. Others like to use a gentle, hot water bath method. Both combine the concentrate and liquidizer easily in just seconds.

After mixing a bit to combine, transfer the solution into your vape tank. Add whatever’s left over to a jar and keep it for months if you want to.

If you want to go the truly easy route, pick up the new mix kit for under $10 and you’ll have all the supplies you need. Now you just have to pick a flavor.

Still Have Questions?

The Wax Liquidizer website has a wealth of information about how to use THC e liquid in a variety of different types of vapes. There is also a robust FAQ section and a way to contact the company if you have further questions.

Enter your email at the site for a first-time order discount to bring your savings even higher.

You literally have nothing to lose and only freedom to gain.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

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