When Will I See the Results of My Exercise?

Group of four people, men and women, running on treadmills in modern and luminous fitness gym

A lot of people quit the gym after only a week because they can’t see the effect that the gym is having on their bodies, apart from soreness and lost time and money. However, this is the wrong approach to the problem.

Regular exercise is going to have its results, but how quickly you will start noticing these results depend on many factors, most of which you can influence. Still, there are others which you don’t have control over and you will just have to take as a fact. So, here’s what influences the effectiveness of your gym exercise sessions.

Manage Your Expectations

If you are overweight and haven’t done much in terms of fitness and health, you can’t expect to see changes instantly. That’s the reality you need to get a grip on before you can do anything to change. It will take a lot of commitment and effort to get yourself back on track, but it is a process well worth the effort.

Still, people who have never exercised before can get a real boost at the beginning, as the body adapts to the new reality and you may find yourself with a bit more strength and endurance in the initial month. However, after this initial boost, the body will settle into the new regime, and the weight loss and endurance increase will decrease.

That is the moment when a lot of people decide to throw the towel and quit. It doesn’t take much to return to the old ways and regain the weight they have previously lost. What you want to do in those cases instead of quitting is increasing the intensity of your exercise, as that is what your body needs – a new challenge.

Other Personal Factors

There are many personal factors which will also influence the effectiveness of your exercise. For instance, your age can be of great importance, as younger bodies, unsurprisingly, cope better with exercise and can lose weight more effectively. The levels of some hormones can also have a major impact on the effectiveness. Finally, your lifestyle is perhaps the most influential personal trait when it comes to exercising; more specifically, your diet.

Adapt Your Diet

No matter whether it is the weight loss or muscle gain or just general fitness that you are after, what you eat will have a lot to do with how successful you are at the gym. You will need to cut down on sugary drinks as well as the alcohol to maximize the effect of the gym.

Similarly, when it comes to food, empty calories from junk food and too much of carbohydrates is not something you want to do. However, you should consult a nutrition expert for a more detailed and precise food plan. 

How Regular You Are

If you have only recently taken up exercising, or you are just planning to, you need to realize how important regularity is. Skipping sessions left and right in order to sleep longer or go see a movie with a sizeable tub of popcorn and a large sugary drink isn’t exactly the right approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Most professional personal trainers suggest having three to five exercise sessions per week, at least for the first couple of months of your regimen. This requires serious commitment, but if you are able to stick with it, will yield positive results.

What You Do at the Gym

The gym regimen you pick is also going to be important. If you are in it to lose weight, strength exercises shouldn’t be your primary focus. Find a gym with a variety of amenities, so that you can alternate between programs as you see fit, and as you find necessary.

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