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Yoga – A Help during Your Menstruation Days

Yoga is a healthy exercise but most of the females during menstruation often feel tired due to bleeding and hence they are often reluctant to perform such exercises. However, according to a research, it is proven that some yoga steps help to ease the pain or menstrual cramping. Yoga helps to relax the muscles and hence it can provide relief from excessive bleeding and pelvic pain. Moreover, it is always significant if you are active during the time of menstruation as it helps to ease the cramping intensity.

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  • The bound angle pose (baddha konasana):

This is one of the best step or yoga pose which you can perform on first two days of your menstruation. Day 1 and 2 during menstruation are highly uncomfortable for most of the females as they encounter intense cramps during these two days. This pose helps to open up the hips and abdominal organs including ovaries are stimulated. Follow the following instructions:

  • Sit on a mat and stretch out the legs in your front.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale the air out by bending the knees and at the same time pull your heels towards pelvis.
  • Drop your knees slowly to the side
  • Press the soles of both feet together. Don’t force down your knees
  • Turn the feet outwards to the maximum and focus on deep breathing.

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  • The Bow Pose or Dhanurasana:

This is an ideal pose for the females who experience intense back pain during menstruation. This step facilitates the flow of blood to the uterus and helps to ease the cramping as well. For this pose, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Lie flat on your belly
  • Keep your arms at your sides in such a way that palms are facing upwards
  • Breath the air deeply inside
  • Exhale while bending your knees and bring your heels as closer to your butts as possible depending on the flexibility of your body.
  • As you reach your hands back breathe in once again
  • Hold the feet tops
  • Coordinate your breathing with the feet stretching towards the air
  • As you point your toes inhale deeply
  • As you release the tension exhale the air out.
  • The exercise is also helpful for pregnant females in the first trimester as they experience knee pain. If you are worried about the Reason of knee pain during pregnancy and Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy, the growing fetus exerts pressure on the knees and other body parts resulting in pain while exercising ensures better flow of blood and more oxygen supply to the body thereby reducing the pain and eases the pregnant females.
  • The camel pose or Ustrasana:

Most of the females suffer from tummy problems during menstruation. The pose mentioned above is known commonly as a camel pose and helps to improve the rate of digestion and eases the bloating which is a common complaint of females during menstruation. You need to follow the following instructions as you get into the above mentioned camel position:

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  • Balance your knees and align them with your hips
  • Keep rest of the body upright in position
  • Move your legs inwards and press the tops of your feet down to the mat and press the shins as well.
  • Bend your elbow and allow your hands to rest on the lower back above the hips.
  • Point the fingers downward.
  • Tuck the chin to your chest and lean back slowly till you feel a good and reasonable stretch at the back.
  • Garland pose or Malasana:

Some females suffer from constipation during their periods, the yoga step known as garland pose or malasana is ideal for such females.

You need to follow the following instructions before performing this pose.

  • Stand in a way that your feet are wider as compared to the shoulders width.
  • Make a prayer position with your hands and bend down
  • Bend into a deep squat
  • Close your eyes and keep your focus on your breathing and stay in this position for one minute.
  • Stand up straight slowly as you come out of this position and lift up your arms pointing to the sky and stretch them upwards.
  • The Reclined spinal twist or Supta Matsyendrasana:

The position is ideal for the females who have stressful days during their periods. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Lay down at your back
  • Bend your knees
  • Straight out your feet at the mat and keep your arms at sides.
  • Take a deep breath in this position
  • Bring your thighs closer to your chest as tight as possible depending on your flexibility and exhale out the air.
  • Hug your right knee and extend your left leg.
  • Make use of your left hand to turn right knee at the left leg and make it sure that your torso must be straight.
  • Repeat the procedure with other knee and breathe in deeply.

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