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11 Habits You Didn’t Realise Can Cause Bloating


  • Eating raw vegetables

So you’ve been eating all of your vegetables and yet you’re still bloated?

Eating raw vegetables causes bloating because raw vegetables are difficult to break down.  This means that the stomach will be working overtime and this results in gas production.  Cooking your vegetables will help to begin the breakdown process to make it easier to digest the vegetables.

  • Drinking carbonated drinks

This one is a bit more obvious.  Carbonated drinks are pumped full with gas and gas causes bloating.  Any extra air that ends up in the stomach will cause unwanted bloating and pain from the extra gas.

  • Stressing out .  

Taking time to relax is incredibly beneficial to your mind, body, soul, and bloated belly.  The mind is connected to the gut, which means that stress has a direct effect on our gut.

Stress makes your intestines far more sensitive which means they will bloat up for little to no reason.  Stress also causes you to chew your nails, your pen, gum, and anything else you can get into your mouth.

  • Out of balance hormones

Along with stress and anxiety comes out of balanced hormones.  Low testosterone levels are known for contributing to numerous PMS symptoms in women – and we all know these include bloating. 

It is important to take the time to ensure that our hormones are aligned and functioning to the best of their ability.  There are numerous testosterone boosters available for women which are hugely beneficial to the regulation of hormones and could even lead to weight-loss, better rest, and eliminate fatigue.

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  • Wearing tight pants. 


Restrictive clothing puts pressure on the abdomen and makes it more difficult to breakdown food.  This results in the digestive system kicking into overdrive and, every time it does that, extra gas builds up and the small intestines balloon out.

  • Eating before bed

When you eat too close to bedtime, you encourage acid build-up in the stomach which is guaranteed to have you looking bloated when you wake up.

  • Eating processed food (or any food high in sodium)

Foods which are high in sodium cause your body to hold onto water.  When water retention occurs it will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable.

  • Adding sugar to your diet
  • Sugar reacts with the bacteria in the stomach which causes fermentation to occur in the gut.  This results in gas build-up.  Similarly, eating fruit directly after a hot meal will cause the fruit to ferment and will also result in bloating.

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