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  • BOSIOC GEORGE VALENTIN, born 13.01.1983 at Reșița, Caraș-Severin.
  • Childhood was in Bocsa, where he graduated the Theoretical High School “Tata Oancea” Bocsa.
  • Later he graduated Faculty Of Mechanics in Politehnica University Timisoara.

STATS: 165cm / 65Kg / 40cm biceps / 100cm chest / 66cm waist

Valentin Bosioc is a professional bodybuilder and international fitness model. He is Musclemania Paris Champion & IFBB Romania National Vice-champion. He is a semifinalist in the show Ninja Warrior Romania. He is a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer and nutrition consultant, working with people and celebrities worldwide. As a formality he has completed the first aid course, internationaly certified. Currently he is a Master Trainer at Fitness Education School, one of top schools in Romania!

He loved the sport since his youth. He started with the classic bodybuilding, continued judo, boxing, football, rugby, aikido and many others. He is in love with everything what means sports, he is aware of everything that moves in the wellness industry in his country and abroad. It went from passion, reaching to turn a hobby into lifestyle and even a profession, although originally he is an engineer.

He collaborated and collaborates with various gyms and clubs, but is also present at his clients home, developing a training concept called generic FBI (Full Body Ignition) with great results: burn fat (up to 1000 calories in one session), increase strength, increase endurance, increase speed, improve muscle tone and lifestyle.

Originally self-educated for over 13 years he has learned and experienced on itself what intelligent sports mean, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, after he increased his knowledge in the industry through specialized courses and national and international conventions. He thinks that in fitness-wellness everything moves at breakneck speed and if you’re not catching up with everything, if you’re not in a continuous learning, you risk not to keep up and remain behind. He always liked to give advice or a helping hand, as evidence he has a very large community gathered around him on all social networks and forums. Valentin trained VIPS, celebrities and normal persons. He always offered healthy, visible and long term results.

Currently Valentin has numerous appearances in specialized media, he is a presenter at conventions and wellness events, plus a successful eBook: “The path to perfect abs.”

He considers that you need a few essential ingredients to have a long and healthy life: balance, passion, perseverance, without excesses, no abstention, common sense and a positive attitude. From his point of view, to be a good personal trainer you have to know very well the people that you work with, you need to provide training tailored to target and objective, to become a really good friend and confidant if needed.

It has a simple motto, which guides his life and his clients: Keep it up, keep it fit!

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