Why do you need a personal trainer?

What does sport means to you? Why do you want to practice it? Do you workout to lose weight or to keep yourself in good shape? Do you workout for yourself or for the ones around you? Where do you train? In the gym, outside, at home? What kind of sport do you practice?

The answer to these questions is simple: sport means health! You practice sport (no matter what kind) for yourself and for your health. If you are healthy, you look good. No matter where you train, you just gotta do it right!

I’m in the sports world for about 15 years and now I know what sport really means. There are those who still think that you gotta push as hard as you can to become BIG. But it doesn’t matter how big you are. What really matters is how you feel, how you look and how healthy you are.


I want to talk to you about the necessity of a personal trainer, which people get it as something that is too expensive and they don’t need it. What a personal trainer really means? It means a man who knows exactly what you need and regardless targets and sport branch, he gives you the best results, in a natural and healthy way. A good personal trainer must be able to customize your workout so you can get the best results in the shortest time.

There are many people who go to the gym and say: “I don’t need this! I know to do bench press and curl!” … Well, I wanna give you some good reasons for you to work with a personal trainer, and to realise that you need one good personal trainer:

– A personal trainer will motivate you. No matter how hard it is for you during the workout, before, or after it, a good personal trainer will always find resources in you and will motivate you to continue.

– The training program fits you. Everyone is different. Therefore, a good personal trainer will do the training program according to certain parameters and according to the objectives.

– A good personal trainer offers you efficiency. Working by a well defined program you will have good results and you’ll not remain stuck. That’s what a good personal trainer can offer you.


– A good personal trainer will help you to learn the proper execution of the exercises, proper form. No matter if you know the exercises and know basically what they do, if you are not performing them correctly, they are useless. The personal trainer will help you do that. He will take care of your health, so he will make sure that you do the workout in a proper way. One of the personal trainer’s rules is to maintain your health and even improve it. So he will certainly make sure that you do the workout correctly.

– A good personal trainer must be able to overcome the moments of stagnation that inevitably occur.

– The personal trainer must avoid the injuries and must be careful with your own safety.

– The personal trainer must be able to customize a workout, no matter where you can train or the time you have available.

– A good personal trainer doesn’t want to create dependency. He doesn’t want you to be around him a long time, so he can have a steady income. He teaches you to take care of you, to workout correctly and efficiently, so you can train alone if you want to.

– A good personal trainer becomes your friend and your confidant (with certain limits). He will advise you about other issues, not just about sport and nutrition.

-A good personal trainer will make your workouts not to seem a burden, but to be fun and entertaining and effective at the same time.

Ok. And how do I choose the best? – Perhaps you will ask this question. Well this is very simple: the papers, the diplomas don’t make the difference. You shouldn’t be impressed by certificates. Sure, they attest the trainer’s certification, but the ultimate test is through the experience, experimentation and results. You must choose the trainer based on the recommendations, based on his results, depending on how he looks, what he knows, whether he has those certifications or not.

If it comes to me, I can say that I have excellent results with my clients. I work, I have worked and I will work with people (public or not) which can always confirm.

For details I invite you on my blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and youtube. If you want more infos, contact me!

A personal trainer can offer you:

-weight loss
-muscular tonus
-muscle growth
-training for a sports exam
-increased endurance
-increased speed
-recovery after injury
-a change of lifestyle
-choosing a balanced and healthy lifestyle

For the best results, no matter the field, you need a specialist. Even if you can change one bulb, you need an electrician to change your entire electrical network. Even if you handle to replace a damaged valve, you need a plumber to change the whole system. Even if you know some things about sport, even if you know how to practice sport, you need a personal trainer so your physical effort can give you the best results. In any field you need a specialist. In sports/wellness, the specialist is the personal trainer.

If you want to know more about nutrition or workouts, if you want me to be your online personal trainer, just contact me here or on facebook.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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