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4 Common Difficult Situations Causing Weight Loss

Aside from eating behaviors and body movement, other things can also cause weight loss. However, unlike the previous two, many are results of psychological or physical issues. If you’re curious about the subject, please read on. 

In the following sections, we’d listed four common difficult situations associated with weight loss, plus tips on how to deal with them.


Depression is one of the most common medical illnesses that affect over 264 million individuals worldwide. Moreover, besides its known link to weight gain and obesity, it can also incur weight loss. In the process, as depression associates itself with loss of pleasure and interest, it can affect how one craves and enjoys food. Also, depression can lead to anorexia nervosa, or a condition where one has an excessive fear of gaining weight and has a false perception of the body’s shape and appearance.

While overcoming depression is not an easy process, there are ways to break free from it slowly. As it causes negative thoughts and feelings, it would help if one looks for something to be thankful for and appreciate. Aside from that, it’s also best to set a goal or try a new hobby. By doing so, one can occupy the mind and think less of the negativity while enjoying the moment.


Unlike other mental conditions, it’s easier for anyone to develop loneliness. While many know it as the feeling of being alone, it’s more than that. Yes, one might feel lonely when away from friends, family, or a significant place. However, individuals might also experience isolation even when they’re not actually alone. In other words, it’s a sense of emptiness, not belonging to a group, or not receiving attention, affection, or acknowledgment. Likewise, this can cause weight loss due to the lack of interest in things, including eating and pleasure.

One way to remedy loneliness is to talk to people who experienced it and seek advice from them. However, if personal conversations aren’t possible, then talking to others online might help. With only a simple Google search, it’s easy to view countless blogs of people talking about their battles with loneliness. 

Moreover, one can use Spokeo, a reverse number lookup and email lookup tool, to get the author’s name or social media profiles using a blog’s displayed contact number. Using Spokeo‘s reverse phone lookup, email search, and phone number search features, a person could talk to that author, relate to things, learn from experiences, and possibly receive genuine advice to cope up.

Lack of motivation

Since depression can cause a lack of motivation, the latter almost has similar effects on a person. If unfamiliar, lack of motivation can result from mental illness, failures, avoidance of reality, lack of clear goals, or losing faith to get out of a messy situation. As it can make people think that there’s no hope, purpose to live or get second chances, they might don’t feel the need to do or enjoy things. Similarly, it can remove or change a person’s feelings and urge for pleasure and desires, like eating, hence the possible effect of weight loss.

If a person is experiencing a lack of motivation, it’s best to talk to someone that can help. While it sounds like generic advice, seeking the help of a psychologist can benefit one significantly. Why? As psychologists are experts in understanding feelings, emotions, thoughts, and mental conditions, they know how to stop or aid lack of motivation with effective and harmless solutions. However, if it’s not possible to do so, then spending time with parents and talking about goals in life might help one overcome this condition.

Abnormal weight loss

If a person hasn’t experienced any of the above conditions yet still undergone weight loss, there might be something else that’s causing it. In this case, it’s highly advisable to seek a specialist for a consultation. Aside from medications, a specialist can also create a program for an individual to correct any issues and gain back the previous or normal weight. Hopefully, this will help a person identify the root of the problem and receive immediate and appropriate help.

Solve Conditions Causing Weight Loss

Whatever the reason may be, it’s always important to solve a condition that’s causing harm to the mind and body. Thus, if you know someone or you’ve experienced unexplained weight loss, then it’s best to immediately seek a professional or ask for help from the family. Regardless, with hope, love, and appreciation to present things, one can overcome any conditions and live a happier life.

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Written by Valentin Bosioc

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