6 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Sauna Suit During Exercise

The sauna suit is a type of waterproof workout clothing that helps the wearer to sweat more. If you have been considering a sauna suit to get more out of your workouts, we have six reasons to convince you as to why that is an excellent idea.

Losing Weight

By definition, the sauna suit is designed to provide a sauna-like environment for your body to sweat in. As you can probably imagine, this means that they’re great for fat burning and weight loss, due to the sauna effect which these suits bring with them.

Even when you are wearing a sauna suit underneath, while going about your day outside the gym, it constantly keeps you in that sauna-like environment, helping you to get closer to your weight loss goals.

Maximizing Each Workout Session

Workouts should be short and sweet, instead of being long drawn out sessions filled with chitchats! When you are capable of putting in as little as just 30-minutes of pure toil and sweat into each session, the results become obvious in a much shorter time than most people.

The sauna suit maximizes every bit of pure effort put into the workouts, by making us sweat more. It simply makes every minute in the gym count more towards your weight loss goals.

It’s Effective Even When You are Exercising Outside

We do not need to exercise in the gym every day when we can cycle, trek, hike, climb, run or just walk outside in nature. The sauna suit is perfectly capable of being just as useful during outdoor exercise as it is during indoor exercise. It brings the same sauna-like effect, which makes you sweat more, which in turn, helps us get more out of every cycling, climbing, running or walking session.

Sauna Suits Can be Quite Protective During Outdoor Exercise Sessions

We just mentioned that sauna suits are just as good inside the gym as they are outside for fat burning, but they are actually even more versatile in their usefulness outside.

Being completely waterproof and windproof, you would actually appreciate having a sauna suit to protect you, if it starts to rain or the wind picks up on a cold evening.

Sauna Suits Make It Possible to Work Out Even in Adverse Weather Conditions

As already mentioned, they are weatherproof, which means that even when the temperature outside is cold and the rain feels like ice, you could be running on your favorite forest path, still comfortable and losing weight as always.

This essentially gives you a leg up on everyone else who prefers to get their exercise from nature, but can’t, because it’s raining or too windy and cold outside to do so.

The Sauna Suit Allows Us to Get the Benefits of Working Out in Winter

Gym owners report low activity during colder months of the year, because of two primary reasons. Firstly, the idea of traveling through the cold outside, keeps people in their homes. More importantly though, our bodies tend to move slower and our joints and muscles are more likely to get hurt during exercise, due to the natural stiffness that winter brings with it.

That being said, exercising in winter is a must, because that’s precisely when people gain the most weight. A sauna suit simply cuts out all the problems by keeping the blood warm and preventing stiffness-induced injuries from occurring. It also makes it much more comfortable and easier to get out of the house as well.

Before choosing any sauna clothing, keep in mind that the temperature and the humidity of your specific region is important for health and safety reasons. Wearing a full-blown sauna suit in 100+ degrees or during very humid weather conditions is ill-advised. When it’s already very hot, try a sauna vest instead.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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