What a beginner needs to know about the gym!

In the article below I will present some extremely important things for any beginner in the gym. I always get questions like: “Tomorrow I start going in the gym, what should I do, where to start, how to start?”

Although I responded to each one when I received these questions, I thought it’s better to centralize everything in one article designed in a way so simple, that any beginner will know what to do in the gym.

So if you want to know what to do when you get the first time in a gym, what to do when you begin bodybuilding, read the lines below!

I will not start to give in details too technical or too philosophical, I want to be understood by as many people as it’s possible, I will offer general advice available for any beginner in the gym.


So the first thing you need to do (besides the classical analyzes which I’m pretty sure nobody makes them) is to establish your goals. Ok, you go in the gym but for what? To grow biiiig, to look good, to lose weight, to keep in good shape, etc. After you have set your goals and you have defined them well, you think how much you are willing to invest in the sport, both in terms of time and in terms of money. After you have set well these terms and you mentally prepared for the gym and you feel ready, you are waiting the day when you enter the gym.

Once you got in the gym you will hear all kinds of myths, legends and tips, everybody in the gym will give know some advise, will tell you to do some exercises in certain ways, others will say it’s better that way … Like I said it always, bodybuilding/fitness is an expensive sport, sometimes it’s a routine, but it can be subjective.

Each athlete or trainer will recommend certain types of exercises, some programs, in most cases you will receive recommendations based on tests of how the person felt it worked.

What you need in the gym in these conditions? Well defined objectives, patience, perseverance and patience again. Most common mistakes made by beginners are made because they do not have patience. They enter today in the gym and dream to be big in a month, to be huge and start hitting the weights chaotic and without patience.

Again, it is important to know what you want, to like what you do, to perform the movements correctly and have patience and work hard.

If you understand these issues, we can move on. Every time I get asked by a beginner in bodybuilding what to do in the first days in the gym, I respond easily: start with a circuit type workout – as the body and muscles need to get used to this kind of effort. No matter the sport you are in, every effort is different and the body should have time to adjust …

You came in the first day/week in the gym… “Wow so many machines, wow so many fit guys in here, I want to be like them! But what to do? Let’s start doing biceps curls and bench presses, that gotta be makin’ me big !!!

NO! Again, you have well-established goals, you have everything ready, how do you start? With warming up, obviously! Warm up in any sport is extremely important, so even in sports with weights you must warm up thoroughly before you start working the muscle! Most beginners are tempted to skip the warm up routine, a mistake that can be fatal and can cause serious injuries.

Recommended is to warm up before training, and after training to do a stretching and possibly a cool-down. If the last two phases can be ignored, warming up is required!!! My recommendation for beginners is that at least for a week to execute a circuit type routine, do not enter directly into classical or complex programs – split muscle groups. As I said above, is indicated a circuit type workout to give your body time to get used to the new type of effort, the muscle needs to understand that will have work to do :).

Probably most of you are wondering how a circuit type workout looks like. In the following I will leave an example of circuit training (there are many examples), one excellent for beginners to make the body jump-start, so you can really start training in the gym.


A circuit training means that in the same day you train your entire body, a little of each muscle groups. Here is an example of such program:

Go into the gym, start with some classic cardio (treadmill, bike, stepper). Start at a low intensity for 5 minutes and then increase the intensity, but not too much! I would say moderately so that you put your blood in circulation, and increase your heart rate and body temperature but not get tired :).

After the five minutes of cardio, start warming up joints, then your muscle groups that you will train that day (this last step does not apply to the first week of the gym, because in the first week you will do a little of each, with appropriate weights so your body get used to this kind of effort).

After warming up, go to the machines. Do not forget that you are in the first week in the gym, so you train each body little muscle. Here is an example training for the first week in the gym:

Suppose you go in the gym three days a week (I do not recommend more than in the first week), so we have the days divided as follows:


Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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