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Getting started with fitness is not easy, especially if you have been living a sedentary lifestyle with minimal levels of physical exercise. Still, exercise is important for maintaining a healthy body and for decreasing your risk of developing some serious diseases, like heart failure and diabetes. Obesity is also a particular condition that can be avoided through regular physical exercise.

Unfortunately, people that are used to a more sedentary lifestyle often do not know where to start when they would like to get fit, reduce their weight, build muscle mass and become healthier. A fit lifestyle has numerous benefits, apart from the fact that it improves health and reduces the risk of various diseases. For one, it can increase testosterone level in men, which, in turn, has additional benefits for the male body.

How Much Should You Exercise?

When people only get started with a new fitness routine, they often get scared at the idea of having to spend hours in the gym or having to participate in physical training sessions that last for hours on end. Yes, getting started can be tough, but there is no need to continue training for hours and hours to get fit, reduce your body fat, build muscle mass and reap the benefits of a fit and healthier lifestyle.

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NHS Choices(1) reports that adults who are between the ages of 19 and 64 years need to participate in both aerobic physical activities, as well as strength training exercises, on a regular basis to uphold a health body and physique. This includes 150 minutes or more of aerobic activity, which should be at least at a moderate intensity level. On two days of the week, or more, a person should also practice strength training exercises.

Benefits Of Kettlebell

While a treadmill may seem daunting if you are simply entering your journey toward fitness, and lifting heavyweights at the gym seems like something that your confidence would simply not allow right now, Kettlebell training offers the perfect combination of both strength training and aerobics. The combination gives you a wide set of benefits, such as improved heart health, better blood circulation and even a relieve of symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to comparing Kettlebell training to other forms of physical training, Riverside Kettlebells(2) report that Kettlebells gives you an excellent cardio workout without the need for running on a treadmill. It is also a form of exercise that is fun and only requires on mobile device that can be taken with you wherever you go. Furthermore, Kettlebell training is safe for anyone, regardless of their age, gender or size.

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Getting Started With Kettlebell Training

To get started with Kettlebell training, you need to start by considering a few important factors that will help you make the best of your training sessions. According to GB Personal Training(3), you should start by choosing the right Kettlebells to use for your training. There are different types of Kettlebells, and different weights; thus knowing which ones to buy when you go shopping for Kettlebells will be of tremendous help during your training sessions.

Start by selecting the most appropriate Kettlebell type for your training sessions. The primary types of Kettlebells you’ll find in shops include:

  • Cast Iron Kettlebells – These Kettlebells are the larger type and contain handles that have a rounded form. Cast iron Kettlebells are perfect for exercises that use both hands. With these Kettlebells, the size of the equipment increases as the weight of the equipment increases.
  • Competition Kettlebells – The other primary type of Kettlebells you will find in shops is competition Kettlebells. These feature smaller handles that have a square shape, instead of a rounded shape. With these Kettlebells, size does not increase with weight. All competition Kettlebells are the same size.

Once you have decided on the most appropriate type of Kettlebells for your training routines, it is time to choose the perfect weight. Note that even though Kettlebell training is perfect for both men and women, each should stick to specific weight classes for their own safety.

  • If you are a man, then you should start out with a 12kg Kettlebell. Some men also start out with a 16kg Kettlebell. As you train and build muscle strength, you should work your way up to a 24kd Kettlebell.
  • If you are a woman, then start out with a lighter weight, such as an eight kilogram Kettlebell. There are some women who feel comfortable starting out with a 12kg Kettlebell. As you perform your Kettlebell exercises and build up strength, work your way up to around 16kg.

Kettlebell Exercises, From Beginner To Expert

When you only get started with Kettlebell exercises, it is vital to start out slow and to get yourself used to this particular form of physical exercise. If you are a man and needs a boost in performance, especially in the beginning, you could consider some male enhancement vitamins to help boost energy, testosterone and endurance during your training routines.

Here’s an overview of Kettlebell exercises you should perform, starting at beginner level and advancing to a more expert and advanced level:

  • For beginners, simpler exercises are appropriate, such as the Turkish Get Up and the Single Leg Deadlift.
  • As you progress, you can start to introduce the Two Handed Kettlebell Swing and the Kettlebell Squat into your training routine. The Kettlebell Lunge is also a good exercise to introduce at this time.
  • Once you progress to a more advanced level, introduce the Kettlebell Clean and Press move, as well as the Kettlebell High Pull into your training routine. As you advance, you can also start to perform the Kettlebell Snatch.

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Exercise should be an important part of every person’s life, yet the majority of individuals fail to obtain an adequate amount of physical exercise. Getting started with fitness can be tough if you are only beginning, but it is certainly not an impossible task. If running on a treadmill and lifting weights in the gym is not something you want to do right now, then you should consider Kettlebell training – a form of physical exercise that includes both strength training and cardio protocols. Combining such training with a workout supplement, like Progentra, can improve results and speed up weight loss, while also boosting muscle development.

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