The Best Workout For Your Upper Back

When you work out, you normally go through a full routine, covering major muscle groups. However, the upper back does not often receive the attention it deserves. And if you stop for a moment and think how much the upper back is affected by our sedentary lifestyles, it makes sense to want to try a workout dedicated exclusively to this area. Such a workout will allow you to eliminate the tension accumulated in the neck and shoulder area, not to mention it will enhance your sex drive. This is of course related to one of the beneficial effects of physical exercise, meaning an increase in testosterone levels.

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Why should you consider a workout just for the upper back?

As it was already mentioned above, we have become accustomed to leading a sedentary lifestyle. We spend a lot of time behind a desk and we often end up slouching, without even realizing our bad posture. Slouching can have a negative impact on our digestion, not to mention it accentuates problems such as chronic stress and depression. When we spend too much time in this bad posture, we end up suffering from tension headaches and oxygen/blood flow restriction.

There is another reason for which we end up spending too much time in this bad posture and that has to do with technology. We have become addicted to smartphones, tablets and other technological devices, often slouching in order to look at the screen. This, of course, has taken its toll on our upper back area, causing a lot of tension and reduced range of motion. All of this physical stress can translate into additional health problems; for example, if testosterone levels are reduced, erectile dysfunction can appear. In this situation, it makes sense to show an interest in erectile dysfunction natural treatment.

The upper back workout, an excellent weapon against muscular imbalances

The more you slouch, the higher the risk of muscular imbalances is going to be. The muscles in the anterior part of the thorax are going to become constricted, which in turn will lead to a reduced range of motion. In turn, the muscles of the posterior part of the thorax (upper back) will become too relaxed (increased length). This is the sort of muscular imbalance that favors loss of strength in the respective muscles.

These are the main advantages that the upper back workout has to offer:

  • You will develop the necessary strength and mobility for more challenging exercises, such as heavy squats
  • You will prevent problems at the level of the shoulder joint and scapula (misalignment, pain etc.)
  • You will strengthen the rotator cuffs, which will be useful for bench exercises and any overhead movements, such as lifts.

What are the exercises included in the upper back workout?

“No-money” shoulder exercise

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For this exercise, all you have to do is raise your arms, as if you intended to tell someone that you do not have any money. Performed in several sets, each with a number of fixed reps, this exercise can help you strengthen the rotator cuffs. These are a group of muscles that handle the movements of the scapula, meaning the supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor muscles. Such exercises can also be useful in boosting overall testosterone levels; however, if you are not satisfied with the results obtained in this area, you can go ahead and give male enhancement vitamins a try.

Pull aparts

For this exercise, you are going to need one of those resistance bands you commonly see at the gym. You can begin this exercise by standing and grabbing the resistance band with both hands. For the next step, try and pull the band apart, as much as you can.

You will feel your shoulder blades retracting, which means that you are doing everything correctly. As an alternative, you can try pulling the band with just one arm at a time or holding the band for several seconds (isometric exercise).

Moving blackburns

If you like to watch professional swimmers taking part in different competitions, then you are probably familiar with the movements that are part of this exercise. You can begin by lying with your face down, with the legs close to one another and the hands spread in front of the body (elbows extended). What you want to do is imitate the swimming motions from that position.

The main advantage of this exercise is that it allows you to efficiently warm-up the muscles of the upper back. You can perform it before other exercises, especially those that involve the shoulder area, bench pressing or overhead movements, such as lifting heavy barbells.

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The “A” triangle

While this exercise is a little bit more challenging, it is totally worth your time. Like many other exercises, all you need is a little bit of practice. You can begin by holding both hands on a triangle-shaped elastic band, which has been previously attached to some heavy gym equipment.

What you want to do is stretch the band sideways, in a similar manner to the movement for the pull aparts. Pull from the chest up and feel the shoulder blades retracting, until you have reached the full extension in that area. The main activity offered by this exercise involves the rotator cuffs, which often need additional strengthening.

Final word

If you spend a lot of time behind a desk, you need to dedicate an equal amount of time to strengthening your muscles. As you have seen, slouching can lead to serious consequences, causing muscular imbalances, tension headaches and a reduced range of motion in essential muscle groups. A workout dedicated to the upper back is exactly what you need, in order to strengthen those muscles and reduce the risk of slouching.

Additionally, it is essential to mention that such workouts can help you regain your normal sex drive. They stimulate the production of testosterone, allowing you to enjoy a fulfilling sexual life once again. If physical exercise is not enough to solve your problems, you can also consider taking supplements. You can use the Internet and its specialized websites in order to read Virectin reviews; these will provide you with everything you need to know on this male enhancement supplement.

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