Can You Use CBD Oil for Pet Care?

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Anxiety is a crippling condition for both animals and humans. As a pet owner, it can be grievous to watch your pets suffer from this condition. But you are in luck because a natural compound from hemp, called CBD, works as a natural relief from anxiety for your pets. 

CBD oil for dogs offers the right solution for your dog’s situational anxiety problem.

Anxiety in Dogs

Like every other animal, your pets respond to a stimulus with the expression of fear, anxiety, and stress. However, some dogs may be under a profound influence of anxiety that may be detrimental to their lives. For instance, the fear of separation is commonly displayed by most dogs. 

Other situations like abuse, sudden environmental changes, the presence of strangers, or strange animals will also cause them to develop specific phobias and fears. Anxiety is a significant concern in older dogs and affects their learning, memory, awareness, and perception. 

Symptoms of Dog Anxiety

Panting, pacing, trembling, whimpering, barking, fidgeting, and aggression are some of the common signs of anxiety, although they may vary based on the anxiety type. Other subtle symptoms include dilated pupils, displacement, and antisocial behavior. Dogs suffering from anxiety are also known to face challenges in focusing, learning, and are extremely sensitive to outside stimuli. 

How Can CBD Help?

When it comes to anxiety prevention, nothing works like CBD or cannabidiol from the Hemp plant. What’s more, multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of CBD on health conditions like anxiety management and pain reduction. When CBD enters the endocannabinoid system of your dog, it activates the receptors that are spread throughout the body. 

These receptors are the only means that support two-way communication between the body systems. Thus, by enabling the receptors to communicate with each other, CBD allows the body to calm down and relieve temporary anxiety and tension. CBD oil for dogs is extracted with no chemical solvents which can never overdose, and is entirely non-psychoactive. 

CBD for Situational Anxiety

Pets experience two main kinds of anxiety – situational and behavioral. Situational anxiety is caused by the occurrence of specific activities like lightning/thunderstorms, fireworks, travel, or having someone’s company. CBD’s calming and soothing properties help pets to overcome situational anxiety. It is recommended to start administering this oil at the earliest for the optimal performance of your pet’s endocannabinoid system. 

CBD Dosage for Anxiety Ridden Dogs

Like with every other medication, it is vital to administer the right dosage of CBD to your pet. Nevertheless, CBD is a non-toxic compound that cannot cause an overdose. It is also reckoned as a well-tolerated medicine with no side-effects. Still, it is recommended to follow the basic dosage guidelines and observe your pet’s response while starting with the treatment. 

On average, the CBD oil must be given in the range of a few drops every day. You can mix it with the food or administer it under the dog’s tongue for quicker effects. But the CBD oil can be bitter, and pets may not be very eager to take it in the beginning. Also, remember that the CBD dosage varies depending on the breed and size of your dog, the anxiety type, and the strength of the CBD product you consider. 

CBD is hugely helpful in aiding pets to overcome anxiety issues. This effective solution for calming anxious dogs has transformed the lives of many dogs and pet parents. The happier and calmer demeanor of pets is a testament to the capabilities of CBD oil for dogs. Undoubtedly, it is the best solution for ensuring the overall health of your pet without any side-effects.

This post was written by Kevin Adams

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