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TOP 5 Signs You’re Overtraining

TOP 5 Signs You're Overtraining
TOP 5 Signs You're Overtraining

Here are TOP 5 signs you’re overtraining and your body needs time to recover!

If you feel like you’re not getting real results you might be overtraining. Usually overtraining happens when you perform more training than your body can recover from.

Although it can be really hard to reach the point of exhaustion, there are some people who exceeed this point. Overtraining can be dangerous because it can take weeks or even months of recovery, so you better try to prevent it.

You body can give you many signs that you might have trained way too much. Here are TOP 5 signs you’re overtraining!


1. You can’t sleep well. If you’re constantly doing aerobic exercises without taking enough time to rest and recover, your nervous system will fail.

You’ll feel more tired than ever but you won’t be able to rest and sleep properly. Also you have to make sure you’re not working out too late at night if you want to sleep well.

2. You stop seeing results. Working out too much can actually cause you to lose muscle. This happens because overtraining causes your body to produce unusual amounts of testosterone, while producing higher levels of cortisol (stress hormone). This can increase the percentage of body fat and you won’t be so lean anymore.


3. Your performance will decrease. Your reaction time will be slower and the endurance levels will dramatically lower.

4. You get sick more often. Everytime you’re overtraining your immune system cannot cope anymore. This happens because of the mental stress, poor diet and sleepless nights. You’ll need rest and a very well balanced diet to recover and get your immune system back on track.

5. You don’t feel energized after a training session. Usually you should feel great after a training session, but when you’re overtraining you’ll not experience this feeling. Insted you’ll feel nervous, irritable and extremly tired.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!


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  1. Salut!
    Te deranjez si eu cu o problema..In ultimul timp am scazut in greutate si am avut si cateva nopti in care nu am dormit bine.Mi-am facut si analize si doctorii mi-au zis ca am un soi de anemie. Ar fi posibil sa fie din cauza supraantrenamentului? Intreb asta pt ca am avut o perioada cand alergam 5 km pe zi si dupa amiaza mergeam si la sala. Multumesc anticipat!

    • Salut! Anemie are mai mult legatura cu lipsa mineralelor si vitaminelor, recte alimentatiei… Nu stiu ce istoric sportiv ai, nu stiu cat esti de avansat, pentru mine de exemplu nu ar fi supraantrenament ce ai descris tu, insa pentru un incepator, chiar intermediar, poate fi supraantrenament, mai ales daca alimentatia/suplimentatia/odihna e deficitara.

  2. Hello Valentin,
    I’ve been following you for quit a while now and I really like your posts. Read them all the time and sometimes very hulpfull. I’m using some of them when I workout.
    The reason I’m writing this, is because after reading this post about overtraining, I was thinking it would be best to ask your personal opinion.

    When I was younger 16 :-) I did some heavy fitness till I was 20 and then I’ve stopped working out. I have the advantage that I always kept me body and kinda looked trained out all the time. I’ve been weighing aroud 95kg sinds I was 20 years and always been well build. So they always told me I have the body that suite heavy training and gaining muscle easily.

    Now I have restarted training again since 01/2016. My goal is not to be a bodybuilder, but kinda look like Jason Statham .. Because I have almost the same structure and width.
    If I must discribe my body, I’m like hime but without the gained mussle :-)
    So I’ve been training for 6 months now.
    Because I have a family and other things to do, I can only workout 3 times a week.
    I’ve asked my personal trainers over there what suited best for my to gain muscle mass (and strenght off course).
    Because I can train only 3 time a week, a split schema is impossible, so I do like always a full body mixed with a spit schema.

    For example:
    heavy full body, but I put my chest and triceps to the test
    heavy full body, but also back and biceps 3 extra exercises
    heavy full body: but more leg and back exercises

    Each exercise is done in piramide style.
    For example Chest Press:
    10 x 60kg
    8 x 80kg
    4/6 x 90kg
    10 x 40kg

    I work out for 2.5h each time. I take some amino before and during the workout with lots of water offcourse. After 1.5h training I take some BCAA.
    After the training I take a recovery shake.

    Maybe its me, but I aspected more results now. Ok you can see some difference than 6 months ago, but still.

    Am I expecting to mutch? I’m I overtraining myself? Can my body handle this full body workout all the time? They sometimes tell me the recovery is enough.
    Sometime I think I’m doing something wrong.

    So that’s why I’m calling for your advice.

    Many thanks for the feedback and hope hearing from you.


    • Hi! Yeah, sadly u are a little overtraining, that’s why the results are not as expected. For starter, try to workout a little more, like 1h, let’s say 1.5h top. Do the same workout but cut some sets, to be able to finish in 1.5h.

      If this doesnt work, after 3 more months, you need to rethink your workout schedule or change the supplements …

      • Hi Valentin,

        Thnx for the reply :-)
        Just want to make sure we’re on the same page:
        Its everytime a full body, but here again my current training schedule:

        monday I do 3x exercises Chest and 3 x Triceps
        (plus 1 x legs / 1 x biceps / shoulders / 2 x abs / 1 x back)

        wednesday I do 3 x exercises Biceps and 3 x Back
        (plus 1 x chest / 1 x shoulders / 1 x legs / 2 x abs)

        Saterday I do 3 x legs + 3 x shoulders
        (plus 1 x chest / 1 x triceps / 1 x biceps / 2 x abs)

        So yes its every time 2,5h, but than again, without the rest pauses maybe I’m totaly working out 1,5h :-)

        You wrote “try to workout a little more, like 1h, let’s say 1.5h top” … I’m guessing you mean “work out a little less” … correct?

        My thoughts in my current program was that there are always 1 day rest between my workouts so my muscles must be rest out. I’m I wrong on that part? Should my musles rest more than 1 day?

        If I do only CHEST + TRICEPS on monday and BACK + BICIPS on wednesday, etc … Wouldn’t this be to less workout when I start back on monday? So isn’t than 1 x CHEST / TRICEPS to less once a weak to get results?

        I was thinking to do (for example):

        3 excercises CHEST and 3 x TRICEPS + 3 x SHOULDERS
        (2 x abs for a little cardio)

        3 excercises BICEPS and 3 x BACK + 3 x LEGS (deadlift for example)
        (2 x abs for a little cardio)

        again 3 excercises CHEST and 3 x TRICEPS + 3 x SHOULDERS
        (2 x abs for a little cardio)

        again 3 excercises BICEPS and 3 x BACK + 3 x LEGS (deadlift for example)
        (2 x abs for a little cardio)

        Than on saterday I restart the program like monday. So I thought of doing 2 programs every 3/4 days.
        Do you understand my proposal? Is this a better setup?

        What are your thoughts on this example?

        Many thanks man for the feedback.


  3. Valentin,ur great inspiration and II lov reading ur articles ….I Hav client she is 45 d work pattern is aerobics for 45 mints,the next day for abs and next for leg and but …I giv her weekly one offf ….she use to go for walk in mrng too….and we completed 1 month of traing she said complaint of pain in knee too

  4. Hi,
    I am beginner for muscle training. Two months before I started muscle training. Barbell squat, deadlift and bench press are main exercise I do for leg. From last two weeks I am suffering from pain on righthand side on top of right knee and lefthand side top of the left knee. This started once I done barbell squat. I do mot have problem in walking or running, but paim while walking stairs, pain when sitting down by folding legs. I can not fold both of my legs in the knee. It feels like something is stretching inside and not allowing to fold more.

    I do 2-3 km running everyday and 10 km running once in 3 weeks.

    What is problem with my both knee? Do it is sign of overtraining? Do I need to stop training ?
    Can you suggest me something?

    Is this serious injury?

    I am 39 yrs old and 62 kg with 165 cm height.

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