Different Types of The Exercise Bands

When fitness is your goal, you will want only the best for yourself. Right from the equipment to the sportswear, everything has to be perfectly aligned. Exercise bands are one such tool that is making a lot of noise on the circuit these days. Be it an indoor or outdoor form of exercising, you can use the band to add some variety to your everyday workout. The only dilemma is that not everyone is comfortable using it. However, chances are that not everyone is aware of the different forms.

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Varieties available in the exercise bands:

  • Fit Tube Resistance: This type of the exercise bands is known for their heavy style. Usually, a good quality latex rubber is used in making the handles that come with these bands. It allows the user to have a firm grip while performing any twist or hardcore workout. There are 5 modes within this band and people can choose any one of it depending on their level of comfort and training. The attachments to these kinds of bands allow you to put them on a door or similar fixtures to change your workout routine. They are the best tool for working not just on your upper body but also your lower body.
  • Clip Tube Bands: Clip tube exercise bands are slightly better than the older types. You will find that there are accessories for these kinds of bands. Right from ankle cuffs to the handles for grips at the opposite ends, you can try out amazing exercise regimens with these bands. One can be assured about the material as most of the bands are made of high quality latex rubber. You can stretch, twist and turn the way you want to get the most of it. In fact, they are so compact and portable that you can take them wherever you want. Many people secretly work out in their office with these bands. You can use these bands on their own or attach them to the door or fixtures to work out more intensely.
  • Thin and Flat Bands: These kinds of exercise bands can be easily spotted in any equipment store because of their length. They are long and make several exercise goals easier. Whether you want to strengthen your upper body or work on your ankles, these bands make your routine easier and of different variety every day. The only difference is you will find different levels within this kind of resistance bands. So, when you are buying the thin and flat exercise bands, you will have to specifically look for the levels or the color coding for the same. Ultimately, you will want to get the maximum from the band.

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  • Loop Bands: They are crafted for the ones who are looking forward to toning their entire body. People who know their focus areas to work on can invest in the loop bands. In fact, people who suffered from any injury or accidents can work with these bands to get their physique back in shape. Be it rehabilitation or Pilates, back injury or weight loss, you can work in any form or the way you want with the loop band. The only caution one needs to follow is the way to use them. If you have been in any accident then it is advised to use it only under supervision and prescription of your therapist

There are endless options available if you plan to buy one of these from online stores. Make sure you thoroughly study your requirements first and then go for the product specs. It will assist you in choosing the right band for your daily workout sessions.

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