Getting Cisco CCNA Security Certification with PrepAway to Advance Career as Cyber Security Professional

Cisco Certified Network Associate Security certification is designed by Cisco. This is an associate level certification which is required to keep Cisco networks secure. A professional with this certification establish the skills needed in developing security roads, determine the threats in the network and eliminate the threats from the network. It basically emphasis on the technology used in security, installation and examination of the network products to sustain the integrity, privacy and availability of devices and data through this CCNA Security certification. This CCNA Security course is based on the latest versions to impart the security concepts, VPN encryption and knowing the security management.

Exam to Qualify for the Cisco CCNA Security Certification

Any valid CCNA Routing and Switching, Cisco CCENT or any CCIE certification will be a prerequisite for CCNA Security certification. To get the Cisco CCNA Security certification one has to pass the 210-260 IINS exam.

  • It is an associate level of certification.
  • The exam contains 60-70 questions.
  • 90-minutes time is allowed to complete the exam.
  • To compete in the exam register with the Pearson VUE.

The exam analyzes the knowledge of network infrastructure, security concepts, firewalls, endpoint security, email and web content. Implementing Cisco Network Security training is recommended for getting the certification. The exam certifies the skills for installation, troubleshooting and monitoring of secure network to sustain the integrity and confidentiality of data and devices. For this training, a candidate must have knowledge of interconnecting Cisco networking devices, functional knowledge of windows operating system and Cisco IOS networking and concepts. The training includes 5- day instructor course which focuses on providing knowledge of security principles, technologies, concepts, basic security techniques.

The Cisco CCNA Security certification is valid for three years and before it expires you can recertify by passing an exam.

Benefits of Getting CCNA Security Certification

Specialization in security

PrepAway CCNA Security certification practice test questions is designed by Cisco to offer a new way towards the specialization in security and offer a new path to experienced IT professionals to enhance their career with security knowledge and skills. Many organizations employ the candidates with specialized knowledge and skills to monitor the devices in security infrastructure, remove threats.

Increasing demand

Security management skills demand is increasing continuously. Very few organizations are dedicated towards security roles but its demand and awareness will increase the percentage of organizations using network security.

Specialized jobs

With the PrepAway CCNA certification, one can get specialized jobs as a post of network security specialist, security administrator, security support engineer. CCNA Security training enables us to get a deep knowledge of security threats and solutions, ready to install, monitor, and troubleshoot the Cisco Security solutions. It helps to realize the need for security policy and its effects on the network.

Career opportunities

To exceed in your career as a network security specialist or security support engineer then CCNA Security certification will provide great opportunities to grow in your career. IT professionals with Cisco CCNA Security certification will receive a higher salary than any other professional. In this IT competitive world, professionals with CCNA certification will receive attention and better job opportunities.

Prerequisite to attain a high level of certification

The PrepAway CCNA Security certification is the basic and the main certification that one has to attain. The Cisco CCNA Security certificate is the prerequisite for the Cisco CCSP professional level certification. To attain a high designation in the Cisco Security, CCSP certification will help to grow in your career.

Universally recognized

The Cisco CCNA certification is universally recognized so the job prospects will increase as soon as you attain CCNA Security certification. It is globally recognized so anyone can get a job in any country wherever they want. The completion of the CCNA course will open various exciting career options for you.

Increase knowledge

If you are working in an IT company and unable to get promotion, then the Cisco CCNA Security certification is the best. This certificate certifies that one has a knowledge regarding the security of data and devices, security threats that modern network faces. It helps to grow in your company by getting a promotion and can switch to any other company also.

Working in a reputed company

The benefits of being Cisco CCNA Security certified is that one can get a chance to work in a reputed company which deals with the Cisco products. Cisco certified employees get the job offers through the big companies at a higher pay scale.

Stepping stone

The Cisco CCNA certification is a stepping stone in the networking world. This certification will open the doors of your career by learning or expanding your knowledge about the security of networks.


Getting Cisco certified is a big achievement in your life. As this certification is valid for three years and you can use CCNA in the resume. Cisco certificate validates your achievements. It builds a sense of confidence, personal satisfaction, and gratification.

The Cisco CCNA certification offers IT professionals a new career path in network security. It allows experienced professionals to build their career with the security skills and knowledge. It differentiates the professionals in the competitive world and provides career stability. IT Security certifications have a great future. The demand for a security analyst or engineer is increasing so one can grow in this field with the help of Cisco CCNA Security certification. It provides great career prospects in your life.

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