The Health Benefits of Inversion Therapy

What Is Inversion Therapy And How Does it Help You?

Inversion table therapy is not a new thing, and it involves more than just defying gravity.  Most people that suffer from chronic back pain often undergo such a treatment. And due to its efficacy and efficiency, it continues to rise in popularity as time goes by.

Inversion therapy, which employs the use of an inversion table, involves positioning your head lower than your heart. This method does not necessarily require you to be completely upside down. From this inversion, the downward pull helps in providing relief.

Inversion table therapy, hence, does more than just provide relief from back pain. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using an inversion table.

Relief From Back Pain

As previously mentioned, inversion table therapy does help provide back pain relief. The downward pull caused by gravity works to decompress the spine. This helps reduce the pressure that is normally on the discs, nerves among other body structures,  creating relief. Of course, the spin is also temporarily lengthened.

Promote Blood Circulation

This is another great benefit of using an inversion table. The upside-down position is said to stimulate the lymphatic system to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the entire body. Proper blood flow ensures that oxygen and nutrients reach all vital organs in the body.

Additionally, it also aids in the proper elimination of toxic materials from the body. This, in turn, helps improve one’s overall health and general well-being.


Create Proper Body Balance

Most people that suffer from imbalance, or have a hard time having a steady balance, are usually suffering from an inner ear infection. Inversion table therapy aids in stimulating the inner ear, to help restore normal body balance. Also, this type of stimulation helps in creating spatial orientation.

Relieve Joint Pain

Exercising and working out has become part of our daily routine. It not only improves our physical and mental health but also improves our overall well-being. This, in turn, helps us perform better at work or any other activity.

However, a strenuous workout session does tend to damage or wear out our joints and muscles. Even though they repair soon after, inversion table therapy does increase their healing ability. This type of therapy reduces the stress caused to the joints and muscles, relieving any pain efficiently.

The muscles also get stretched, helping to reduce incidences of muscle spasms. This type of therapy is also great for sports enthusiasts. It can help reverse any damage done to ligaments, joints, and muscles.

In conclusion, the benefits of inversion table therapy are numerous and cannot be overstated. This type of therapy does not require you to be completely upside down. As long as your feet are a bit higher than your head. This therapy employs the use of gravity to reverse and fix any physical ailments.

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