A Real Fun Method To Burn Calories!

Burn Calories and Have Fun with Kangoo Jumps

Bounce your way to a fit body with these fun shoes.

Kangoo Jumps are power shoes that can be used for health and fitness benefits. These shoes are safe, comfortable and stable. Kangoo Jumps are ideally suited for all ages (6 to 90+). There is no weight limit with these shoes so everyone can try them no matter what their weight or current fitness level. Kangoo Jumps can be used for running, aerobics, for all types of exercise!

Some of the different uses of Kangoo Jumps include:

– Jogging & running
– Home fitness
– Weight loss trimming and toning
– Athletic training – strength and conditioning
– Medical applications
– Rehabilitation and injury prevention
– Games and dance

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Using Kangoo Jumps for only a few minutes every day helps to develop that balance between food consumption and exercise. Your core and leg muscles work overtime to stabilize you and you are pushing against resistance and rebounding against gravity which adds to the resistance. You are burning over 25% more calories than most other exercises and depending on your speed and intensity you can even burn up to 50% more calories than traditional exercises. In addition your heart must work harder to pump the same amount of blood through your arms as it does to pump it through your legs. Adding arm movements burns even more calories due to the pressure put on your heart to circulate oxygen and nutrients to the upper body.

Kangoo Jumps – Health and Fitness Benefits

-Prevent injury. Exercisers who wore normal shoes had a far higher risk of lower leg injuries than those who wore Kangoo Jumps,

-Protect your knees and joints (up to 80% less impact force when jogging). The spring mechanism in the shoe acts as a cushion, better protecting the body.

-Increase your endurance. If you want to go for the long burn, then Kangoo Jumps might be for you.

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-Facilitate weight loss, and help sculpture your thighs and buttocks. Kangoo Jumps were originally developed for runners and joggers, so rebound shoes may be a great way to boost calorie burn during those exercises.

-Build posture. Exercising with Kangoo Jumps requires you to maintain balance—and that requires proper posture. Using balance forces you to build stronger muscles in the back, which may help reduce back aches and pains. Awesome bonus: good posture makes you naturally look thinner too!

-Improve your cardio-vascular system capacity.

-Produce a feeling of euphoria when used. Are safe and fun to use!

It’s about jumping, having fun and shaping your body, all in one

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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