Statistics Of Gun Accidents and Injuries Across The World

There are numerous reports of gun accidents and injuries across the world. In fact, the injury rates arising from gun use are quite overwhelming. However, there seem to have conflicting views regarding the necessity of carrying firearms. While it may be for self-protection or any other reason, what should matter most is your degree of awareness regarding injuries or safer handling of guns. If you think you need firearms at home, here are some statistics for you to be knowledgeable about what you’re dealing with. And if you are decided to get one, there are also some things you should be wary of.

Gun Statistics in General

Knowing and understanding the statistics of gun accidents and injuries can factor into your choices of having your firearm at home.

Risks of Having Firearms

Having a gun in the home can threaten your children and spouse’s safety – and it doesn’t even matter where and how you keep it. Also, carrying a gun in the house doesn’t necessarily guarantee the reduction of risks of getting hurt in a crime. Below are some of the safety risks of having firearms:

1. Accidental deaths and injuries – Owning a gun at home can be a risk factor for accidental deaths and injuries. Children in the U.S. have been reported to have died because of accidental gunshot.

2. Suicides – People who live in households with guns are at higher risk of committing suicide. Guns are more deadly when you think of taking your lives.

3. Homicides – Having guns at home can also result in shootings and killings. In fact, firearm accessibility in the house can make any quarrel and dispute more lethal than what you think.

Preventing Gun Injuries

While the risk of getting injured or killed with guns is high, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to stop accidents and injuries from happening. Here are some of the most effective firearm injury prevention practices you should consider:

  • Store guns in a safe place and keep them locked at all times.
  • Disassemble and unload firearms before storing them away. This protects from unintentional use.
  • Hide the keys for your gun storage unit and make sure nobody can access it except you.
  • Teach the members of your household about the dangers of using guns. Tell them to stay away from it.

In most cases, gun injuries are severe. These types of injuries can cost you and your loved ones much pain and suffering. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, it’s best to get appropriate legal advice from a licensed attorney like the ones here, to make sure that you’re making the right choice.

Remember, having guns at home can expose your family to the danger of getting injured or killed due to an unintentional gunshot. In the end, you must always be vigilant with your safety protocols if you have a gun in the house or anywhere nearby.

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