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The main benefits of 4 minutes workouts

4 minutes workouts
The main benefits of 4 minutes workouts

We all know that time is really a problem nowadays. But just because of that, there are so many studies showing us why it’s important to get fast workouts, short training circuits every day.

Those studies have shown us that 4 minutes workouts are just perfect for that. You don’t really need much equipment, you can do them anywhere and they are not time consuming! Made for everybody!

Many studies in the past years showed us why HIIT is a great method to stay in shape, why Tabata Training works like wonders.

In an article in the American College of Sports’ Medicine Journal’s May 2013 issue, performance coach Brett Klika and exercise physiologist Chris Jordan described how you can cram a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training into seven minutes using your body weight instead of machines or free weights. The only piece of equipment you need for this High Intensity Circuit Training (HICT) is a chair (to step up on).

Seven minutes may seem like an impossibly short time to commit to a useful workout, but HIIT and HICT aren’t easy. You would have to be pretty fit to get through the tough seven minutes, let alone repeat the exercise sequence two or three times as the article suggests. Mr. Jordan told The New York Times that even the bare minimum of seven minutes of HICT are not pleasant – on a one to 10 discomfort scale, he figures you’re likely to be at an eight for most of the time (the rests between exercises with this plan last for only 10 seconds).

As for that four-minute workout, the idea comes from Norway where researchers tackled the question of how little time you need to devote to working out for fitness and health. First, they developed a four-minute workout to be performed at 90 percent of study participants’ maximum heart rate. Initially, this had to be repeated four times with a three-minute rest in between each interval. But since the researchers knew that time-consuming workouts aren’t very popular, they recruited 26 overweight and sedentary but otherwise healthy mid-life men and divided them into two groups. One group did the 16-minute workout (four repetitions of the research team’s original four-minute workout) at 90 percent of maximal heart rate three times a week for 10 weeks. The other men did only a single four-minute run (at 90 percent of maximal heart rate) three times a week. The men in both groups made the same fitness gains including lower blood pressure and better blood sugar levels and a 10 percent improvement in endurance capacity.

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So there you have it! There are thousands of studies, so many researches are done, you basically DON’T HAVE ANY EXCUSE to stay in shape or get fit!

That’s why I just lunched this amazing project: – a platform where you can get thousands of training videos, easy to to, bodyweight, calisthenics, weights or no weight, beginners , intermediate or even advanced!

There you can find workout videos, ready to follow! You only need a timer and that’s it! your fitness journey can start! I even challenged myself, to post a video every day, for at least 3 months – I will document all that, so you can have a full interactive platform with so many great exercises!

Let’s meet online! Challenge your friends!

PS Who am I? Valentin Bosioc

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Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!


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