TMS Therapy Seattle for Depression

TMS therapy Seattle for depression has helped more than 2 million people. Those who are not aware of what this alternative treatment can do, need to know that more than 60 percent of patients who have said that antidepressants didn’t work for them have had a positive response to TMS. TMS therapy is FDA-approved and safe, and most insurance covers this therapy. 

As an advanced therapy, TMS gently stimulates focused brain regions to eliminate depression. The significant fact is TMS is not an Electric Shock Treatment and has no impact on memory or cognitive function. For decades, experts have studied the effectiveness of TMS, and has been FDA-approved since 2008. Depression therapy and management are proven safe and is a medication-free treatment. The patients won’t experience the usual unpleasant effects of antidepressants.

What to Expect from TMS Treatment

When it comes to TMS therapy Seattle for depression, patients need to know what they can expect from the treatment when they take it. They are more likely to experience some of the following from a TMS treatment:

  • TMS generally produces transformative results after about six weeks of treatment, which likely takes five days in a week for 20-minute sessions.
  • TMS works by stimulating neurons in a focused region of the brain that impacts moods and strengthens connections to the brain where the impact can be permanent.
  • TMS treatments last just 20 minutes and are painless.
  • Patients will remain awake during treatment, seated in a comfortable chair while a magnet gently stimulates their brains.

People can turn to the leading provider of TMS therapy Seattle to get the necessary help if they haven’t found relief from other depression treatments.

How TMS Therapy Works

In the Seattle area, people can get help from TMS therapy Seattle, an effective and non-medication based treatment option for depression. The tool that transcranial treatment stimulation uses is a targeted pulsed magnetic field. Sometimes, professionals refer to it as rTMS, which is repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation. This tool is almost the same as what they use in an MRI machine. TMS therapy stimulates the brain areas that are underactive in depression while the patient is alert and awake. While the patient sits in a chair, the physician can perform the treatment that takes 19 to 37 minutes in an office. The sum of the treatment is sessions administered five days a week and can be about four to six weeks.

Patients don’t experience any effects on understanding or alertness because those that receive TMS treatment can drive themselves to and from their treatment sessions. Those in the Seattle area that wish to learn more about this safe, proven, and effective non-invasive treatment option for depression can consult professional TMS therapy Seattle. They can also connect with those who have had the treatment to answer questions, share insights, and get the latest information. If they are looking online and they have found the appropriate provider, they can make an online appointment for a consultation at one of these treatment centers that are easily accessible from their place.

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