Top 5 Tips on How to Buy Electronic Cigarettes

By Kevin Adams

Vaping is a perfect alternative to stop smoking addiction and is widely acknowledged to be a safer option to cigarettes. It will save you a significant amount of money too, considering current high tobacco prices. However, it is not as simple as just grabbing the newest mod and maybe some e-juice. The first purchase will cost you dearly, and you still need to know what you need in terms of nicotine levels. Making smart decisions from the outset would keep you from wasting time and money or returning to cigarette smoking. 

With this in perspective, here are a few beginner tips on how to buy electronic cigarette or e-cigs:

Get a Starter Kit

The best course of action is to buy electronic cigarette starter kits to save money on your first buy. With this kit, you will get all you need to begin your vaping journey. Instead of purchasing every piece, you can have everything in one handy box. It’ll contain the e-cigarette, the battery, vaporizing chamber, and a cartridge. There are several kits offered, from some of the most simple to the most sophisticated. Based on your budget and how long you expect to have an e-cig, pick a starter kit that would be suitable for you and your needs.

Purchase Cartridges or Cartomizers

Once you buy e-cigarettes, there are two standard versions that you can choose from: the two-piece or three-piece models. If you have a two-piece configuration, the refills are called cartomizers. This design incorporates the cartridge and the atomizer into one component, making it much easier for the consumer to fill the round and begin using the e-cig immediately.

The three-piece versions have a built-in atomizer, and you will purchase e-cigarette cartridges for refills. In time, it may not be the best budget-friendly option when you wind up having to change the e-cig atomizer. The two-piece configuration provides you with a new atomizer for every cartridge, so that is something to note.

Choose Your Cartridge Strength

E-cigs offer cartridges with varying nicotine strengths, and you can progressively minimize the amount of nicotine you are using to cut your dependency. If you are a chain smoker, begin with the highest level of nicotine and slowly decrease it. If you are a social smoker, the minimum nicotine level is apt, and some cartridges do not even have nicotine at all.

Know Your Smoking Style

Each e-cig is unique, as every smoker is distinct. Heavy smokers prefer the more conventional varieties like nicotine and menthol, but casual smokers are drawn towards softer e-cig flavours. It would help if you considered how much you smoke when you are buying electronic cigarettes.

Get the Best Accessories

Buying accessories is not a must, but you are likely to wish you did. If you are always in a vehicle, you will need an e-cig with car chargers. When you lead a fast-paced existence and never get spare time, a portable battery kit will be a lifesaver. When you work long shifts, pick a good brand that provides a USB charger for fast e-cig charges right from any device. Ensure that the company you buy from enables you to purchase the e-cigarette attachments that you will need.

There is so much information and so much terminology out there! Start by taking these five things into account before buying e-cigarettes to guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience. It does not matter which product you pick. It is essential to have sufficient information before buying, so you will end up as a happy user.

Post written by Kevin Adams

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