Top 7 Exercises To Build Sexy Booty and Luscious Legs


Are you tired of watching all those supermodels and actresses in the magazines and their beautifully shaped bodies? Are you tired of looking at your own body in the mirror and questioning yourself why don’t you have a nicely toned butt or long, great looking legs? The answer is quite simple if you think about it. All those supermodels and actresses were not born with those toned butts and legs  they had to work to earn them and work hard. And if that meant spending hours at the gym, every day and eating right they probably did that and much more. So now the question is  are you ready to exchange the hours that you spend in front of the TV with at least one hour at the gym and exchange your usual meals for a more healthier option?

We sure hope that you are because in today’s article we chose to share the top 7 exercises that will get your butt and legs nicely toned so that you do not have to feel disappointment whenever you look yourself in the mirror no more!

What is the secret for a toned and nicely shaped butt and legs?

Only the combination of a healthy diet filled with lots and lots of proteins, as well as, natural fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, and lots of regular exercise will get you the body of your dreams including the nicely toned butt and legs that you have been wishing for so long. A great body is not the only benefit that you will get through regular exercise. Regular exercising results in improved mood, improved metabolism, high testosterone levels, good heart health, improved sexual stamina, improved energy levels and many other health benefits.

But which exercises will you decide to include in your workout plan makes a huge difference. You need to act smart and include only the exercises that will provide the biggest benefit of all. And that is what we have done for you  in the following article, you will discover 7 exercises which are rated the best exercises when it comes to toning your butt and legs in the shortest amount of time possible!

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The 7 best exercises for a toned butt and nicely shaped legs!

  1. Chair squat  Squats is the key exercise when it comes to toning your butt and legs. This is a great exercise since it involves a large group of muscles and it helps your body burn a lot of calories at the same time. We recommend the chair squat instead of the usual squat exercise just because you have something to lean on, makes it the best exercise for total beginners. Perhaps you can use some of the top rated testosterone boosters to help you with this exercise, enhancing your testosterone production but also improving your energy levels and motivation. To begin, get in the starting position standing in front of the chair, with your back to the chair and your feet hip-width apart. The crucial part is to put your weight on your heels at all times, especially when you are leaning down towards the chair. Start lowering your butt towards the chair until you feel the chair. Pause right at that point and keep your body in that position for a couple of seconds. Get back into the starting position and repeat the exercise once again. Complete 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions for the best results.
  2. Butt bridge  You will need to lie down on the floor in order to complete this exercise. Bent your knees and plant your feet on the floor. Rest your arms on the sides of your body. This is the starting position. Start raising your buttocks off the floor until your back is straight from the knees to the shoulders. Hold one second and get back into the starting position. Complete at least 15 repetitions of the exercise for the best results.
  3. Side leg lifts  You will need to stay down, laying on the floor for this exercise as well. Lie down on your side, keeping your legs straight. This is the starting position from which you begin your workout. Slowly start lifting your leg as high as you can go, keeping it straight all the way. Hold it in the air for a couple of seconds and then start bringing it down to the floor again, slowly, keeping it straight. Complete around 15-20 repetitions of this exercise for each leg. If you want perfectly shaped legs and butt as well as improved mood, sexual stamina, and energy levels, this exercise is a must! Add weights to your legs for even greater results!
  4. Plank with side kick  Engage your hips, glutes, and obliques with this modified version of the plank. Plank is also a great exercise for the arms as well. Get into the beginning position placing your hands and toes on the floor keeping your body straight. Keeping the leg parallel to the floor start moving it to the side and holding it in that position for a few seconds. Get back into the starting position and repeat the exercise, now using the other leg. Complete this exercise for 60 seconds  30 seconds for each leg. With time, you can work to increase the length of the exercise and even add weights to your legs.
  5. Donkey kicks  Similar to the exercise that we have described previously, the donkey kicks exercise is another great butt and legs exercise that you have to try. The beginner position requires you getting on the floor in a kneeling push-up position. Start raising your leg up while you squeeze your buttocks and abdominal muscles. Keep your leg up in the air for a few seconds only to then bring it back to the floor again. Remind yourself to keep your back straight and your core muscles engaged. Complete as much as repetitions you can for 30 seconds with each leg. Check out some of the best testosterone boosters 2018 for a bit of help completing your donkey kicks repetitions!
  6. Toe taps  Lie on the floor with your knees bend to 90 degrees lifted in the air. Keep your legs lifted, keeping your body in the starting position. Start to slowly tap your toes to the floor, first with the one than with the other leg. Keep tapping your toes on the floor, switching the legs for about 60 seconds. Toe taps is a great exercise from which not only will your legs and butt muscles benefit from, but it is also a great exercise for your abs as well. And who does not want greatly shaped abs to show off it their swimsuit at the beach this year?
  7. Lateral lunge  The last exercise that we have to share with you does not necessarily mean that it is the easiest. To perform a lateral lunge, stand straight with your legs wide apart. This is the starting position from which you will need to step to your right side using your right leg, squatting as low as possible only to then get back into the starting position. Perform the same movement on your left side, using your left leg. Complete 15 repetitions on each side. As time passes and you grow stronger and stronger, you can add weights to your legs to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

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Exercising is both fun and beneficial for our health. But what is most important to a lot of people right now, as they feel the summer getting closer and closer, is the ability of exercise to shape our bodies into human masterpieces. Exercising in a combination with a healthy, balanced diet is the answer to our prayers for a nicely shaped body with strong and toned muscles. And now, as the summer days are closer and the opportunity to spend our time showing off our great looking body after all the exercise is done is almost at our reach it is finally time to gain the beneficial effects of exercise.

Perhaps you can add some of the best-rated testosterone boosters to your diet and get a 100% winning combination. In the terms of doing so, in today’s article, we have shared 7 of the best exercises for butt and legs that will get you the but and legs from your dreams. You will no longer have the need to admire the supermodels or the actresses for their bodies because you will be the living proof that exercise and healthy diet help shape your body. Try the chair squats, toe taps, lateral lunges and the other of the 7 exercises that we have shared today. These great exercises will fulfill your hopes and dreams, but you will have to do the job for yourself! Begin improving your body starting from today and you will never look back once again!

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