By Valentin Bosioc UPDATE: This article is purely informative and articulated on my own personal opinion and freedom of expression. It seems that some people were upset by this and sent mobile threats and subtle intimidation to me. These gestures have no effect on me, it merely shows that the truth always hurts and as I told my interlocutors on the telephone, this is my opinion and I still support it!

When it comes to slimming and toning everyone wants fast results and some even overnight. Not many are willing to neither work hard and sweat in the gym nor change their unhealthy eating habits.

People are increasingly busy, do not have the time or have simply become lazy and hoping for miracles when it comes to losing weight.

Most often choose the easy way, taking ‘miracle pills’ of some description and making appointments for a strategy that will promise to sculpt the body without any effort.

For some time, the market was flooded with campaigns using EMS technology. EMS; Electro Muscular Stimulation; a form of contracting muscles using electrical impulses. This method activates the muscles via bipolar pulse (electrical discharges) on more than 92% of the muscle fibers of the body.

A session lasts 20 minutes and recommended once a week. The price is pretty steep too. Benefits, according to the advocates, are:

– Lose weight

– Toning

– Burn body fat

– Save time

– Back pain improves

– Increase muscle mass

– Balances the muscular system

– Combat osteoporosis

– Gets rid of cellulite

Let us review to see the contradictions:

– Heart disease

– Tuberculosis

– Diabetes

– Accumulation of fluid in the body increased

– Acute inflammation of the joints

– Progressive muscular dystrophy

– Benign or malignant

– Serious neurological disorders

– Thrombosis or thrombophlebitis

– Bleeding or hemophilia

– Skin

– Pregnancy and menstruation

– Acute neuralgia

– Skin Burns

– Varicose veins

– Epilepsy

All profile notes state that there are side effects of EMS training.

Is this Information or Marketing?

It is always best to ask the specialist…

VALENTIN BOSIOC says: Let’s start at the beginning. Whoever knows me, knows that there is no easy way, no shortcuts of any kind and especially not by exaggerated and false marketing to lose weight dramatically… Maybe some will argue that because I abundantly despise those who are” flourishing” by means of EMS … The fact is that I do not care how much they financially gain. What bothers me is the lie … It bothers me that absolutely anyone can be “trainer” using these devices and absolutely anyone can open a “studio” and train anyone whether they have basic knowledge on health and safety at all. That’s really annoying… like the Romanian proverb, “let’s make quick money” Anyone can make thousands if not, tens of thousands of dollars by selling this device to those who are lazy or who are in search of miracle to lose weight for an expensive session last only 20 minutes…

This is really annoying. Businesses pop up overnight and what’s worse, are the fitness coaches with minimum knowledge. This is really serious! In addition, people lie in such a plight to get them to believe that results will start showing in only 20 minutes compared to 2 months in the gym with hard work. It’s already exaggerated.

Everyday on TV channels there are questions about these devices and this type of training. My answer is always the same: We do not recommend! It Works? Possibly in the short-term and not for everyone. Basically, these devices should be more for recovery and can be mentioned for that, but only under strict supervision of a specialist (in the true sense of the word) combined with physiotherapy and gymnastics … Any quick and easy option with results are normally in clinically healthy people, as long as they continue to use electro-stimulation.

And it’s not normal right? Since it is not a natural stimulation of the muscles, is that logical to you?

Why has the US banned this?! They are only allowed only in certain facilities under controlled supervision by certain specialists … There were many cases of muscle tears, skin burns, electrocution … see for yourself on the internet.

Do not attack anyone personally, do not give into anybody … I just hope the law will change and hope that the Romanians wake up, to understand how this is related to sports and to give up everything for an easier method. For it does not exist!

Until then, everyone is free to do what they want…

As to be expected, the first people to use this method were celebrities who portray an image that you fall for. At one time people were crazed about new diets fads, slimming pills and surgery. Now it’s EMS technology which is a breeze for our domestic divas.

We mention only a few of the stars who love this technology.

1. Ioana Ginghina writes on her blog that after only 3 sessions, lost 1.5 kg. “When I heard that within 20 minutes your body works as 3 times harder to a normal workout, without going to the gym, I told myself that I must try this!  I enquired about it a little and called it a “lazy” way to workout. But it did not seem that lazy if athletes and astronauts are using it. I love that I don’t need my heavy gym bag and bulky fitness equipment which fits awkwardly into the car, so that’s another problem solved. I have already had three workouts and I lost 1.5kg and not under a strict diet, so I say it’s good. I hope to see better results after 10 to 15 sessions because the spring is knocking at the door “.

2. Ilinca was sold to the idea but did not see the results after 3 workouts per week.  “I discovered Xbody and went times a week at XBody. It’s just another workout, but it’s effective. It’s an alternative to the gym programs, but need to wear the appropriate gear and told the effect is guaranteed. The costume has some electrodes positioned in the areas of muscle groups. You do normal movements like the gym, working buttocks, arms, abdomen, thighs, and costume work 22 times more intense. Basically, you put the same effort, but the results are faster. I find it a good choice for those, whose time is limited and can fit in 20 minutes to do this. ”

3. Otilia, the artist who plays the part Bilionera.  XBody is missing from the training, they charge 5 times each week.

4. Roxana Ilie keep fit with TRX and XBody.

5. Ramona Badescu was curious to try training “miracle” and said it was interesting.

6. Adele subscribed to muscle electro-stimulation sessions. “I felt like doing exercise, because they are simple movements in a slow pace, but the muscles were working hard. Proof was the day when I felt the pain after, however trivial.”

7. Raicu EMS is delighted: “In 20 minutes you get outstanding results. In addition, it is also convenient because you do not have to take the equipment home with you. My conclusion, after I tried EMS, is that you benefit in no time! ”


Comments- Valentin Bosioc: Notice, the general opinion of the “divas”, right? I personally would not agree with the above statements and do not “give my time” to those who promote such products; such as “celebrities” which is out of my control. Read their recommendations, track their statements and conclusions. Make a slight comparison between them and other stars who practice either with me or with other trainers in a slightly more traditional and more active way …


What do you think? Have you tried this technique?

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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