10 health and fitness life hacks you should know

10 health and fitness life hacks you should know

Obesity rates are creeping up to swell into an epidemic. About 30.4% of American adults above the age of 20 are obese, and 70% are overweight. These numbers are zealously rising every year. Simultaneously, fitness enthusiasts’ pictures are increasingly flooding Instagram feeds. These are two clear indicators that you shouldn’t fall prey to excuses you make as you hit the gym. Plus, you wouldn’t want to add to the 27.5% of inactive US citizens.

Keeping fit also keeps avoidable health issues at bay such as pain in lower left abdomen. Although there are numerous causes of this health concern including gas, it can be steered clear from by yoga exercises. Hacks run anti-parallel to excuses to put off daily workouts so that you can keep your fitness regime on the rails.

Here are ten health and fitness life hacks that can help you sail through the haze of lazy pretexts:

1. Break some sweat in the morning

Start your day by engaging in physical activity before tuning into the daily din every morning. This ensures that you have worked out before becoming entrapped by your routine. By exercising in the morning, you already have the daily dose of exercise under your belt.

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Moreover, research points out that morning exercises blunt the detrimental effects of overeating along with helping achieve work-life balance. It also boosts your brain power, productivity, and energy.

2. Use sticky notes

You can even hack your way to a healthy lifestyle by using some sticky notes. Just post a sticky note somewhere where your eyes land often and follow its exercise command the moment you see it.

The trick comes from Gigi Hadid’s fitness arsenal. She explains, “I put a sticky note in my kitchen that says ‘squats.’ Every time I walked past the sticky note, I had to do 15 squats, and that was my way of doing it. It’s a good trick because that reminds you and you have to have integrity with yourself.”

3. Prepare a dance-worthy playlist

A stellar playlist is another key to keeping your fitness routine on track. If the beat lures you to sway to it, then it can be your secret code to move muscles. Research backs this as well. It indicates that music can multiply your productivity when the task at hand is repetitive and well-defined. And if there is anything that’s monotonous, it is your workout’s clockwork of sets and reps.

4. Use DIY dumbbells

You don’t have to give up if you don’t have dumbbells at your home. This also applies if you are looking for budget-friendly weight lifting options at your home. Water bottles and soup cans lining the pantry are your workout saviors. If the weight is light for you, you can always pair them together with duct tape. More DIY gyming equipment includes cast iron pans, spare tires, a dry bag backpack packed with textbooks.

5.Track your step with a fitness app like Sweatcoin

You smartphone can also monitor your steps if you install an app like Sweatcoin. For more information about this app check out SweatCoin Guide

It’s easier to accomplish your goals when they are broken down into components. For instance, if you’re assigned 300,000 steps every month, you might freak out. The number is large and achieving it sounds challenging. Some of us might even end up wondering about trying to sleepwalk to add to the steps to accomplish the objective.

However, if you break it down to 10,000 steps daily, you can simply ace your active lifestyle game. To this end, get a pedometer to keep track of your steps. Your smartphone can also monitor your steps if you don’t want to make separate investment.

6. Use the stairs

This one is probably the most common fitness hack that you might have heard, but that’s because it is useful. Choosing stairs over the elevator keeps you active and also helps add steps on your record. It also prevents you from sitting too much that adds to your weight.

Brian St. Pierre, sports dietitian and nutrition educator confirms the creditability of these measures. He opines, “These may seem like small things, but when you do multiple versions of them in combination, you can really expend more energy.”

7. Try a virtual trainer

A good hack to make sure that fitness doesn’t cost heavily to your pocket is to opt for a virtual trainer. The virtual market is littered with more than 8,000 fitness and health apps. Among these, you can easily find a good trainer app that provides you personalized coaching and gives feedback too. Furthermore, other apps can also chart out detailed workout and nutritional plans for you.

8. Start your day with lemon water

Another inexpensive hack is starting your day with lemon water. The drink helps to flush out toxins from your body, enhances your energy levels, and improves digestion. Lemon water also tops up your vitamin C quotient, which gives a boost to your immunity.

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Vitamin C is an antioxidant that controls oxidative stress. Quaffing lemon water in the early hours gives your body the chance to absorb it efficiently; allowing to reap its benefits.

9. Don’t slack behind in water consumption

Good health is incomplete without keeping yourself well-hydrated. A good cheat code here is a clear water bottle to keep your water levels high. Use a marker to point out divisions of 200 ml of the bottle. With the lapse of every hour, make sure to guzzle down a portion of the bottle. In no time, you will already have consumed the recommended amount of eight 8-ounce water glasses.

10. Keep healthy food within your reach

Mindlessly munching on snacks or unhealthy junk food can seriously derail your health and fitness aims. Beat the addiction by keeping nutritious foods within reach. Try repackaging healthy fruits, vegetables, and nuts into grab-and-go snack packs. This convenience will help kill the habit of avoiding fruits and veggies too.

Summing up, these hacks can assist you in optimizing your health. They also help subtract the burden of the responsibility that you owe to your body.

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