10 Motivational Tips to Keep you Healthy Under Pressure

Your HealthIs Really Important!

There are financial issues, family issues, health hazards, and what not that impose tension on the over-worked brain. Well, you need to fix this situation to lead a balanced and happy life.

Nothing is permanent, don’t stress yourself too much.

It’s time to get motivated and keep healthy.

10 Tips to keep you Motivated and Healthy, Even under Pressure

As stated above, we all deal with a common competitor ‘stress’, pretty much every time. But the key to mental peace depends on the way we handle it. In this strenuous lifestyle, how to keep the mind cool? Here are some useful tips to not just face but beat the challenges life throws at you.

1. Figuring out the sources of stress

They say, to solve a problem, it’s necessary to find the root cause. Without knowing the problem, searching for solutions will be even more problematic. It’ll be a chain reaction, difficult to reverse. Hence, first figure out the source of your stress.

Is it a pressure at office or a family issue?

Break down the reasons and get to that specific point that disturbs your mind.

For example, if it’s a family issue, sit to have a conversation. If it’s a financial issue, look for an additional freelance work to get more income. You need to find the source of your stress to resolve it.

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2. The 4 As for Stress Management

There are four As everybody should manage in their life:

  • Avoid– It’s not a good idea to avoid the problems that need to be addressed. But, it’s amazing that eliminating some unnecessary stressful situation can cut down so many problems of your life.
  • Alter– If you are facing something that you can’t avoid, then sit, take a deep breath and try to find a way to handle it with a calm mind. Combatting the situation is better than stressing about it.
  • Adapt– There are times when a problem arises that you can neither avoid nor alter. In that case, there might be no other option than fitting in. Sometimes, changing yourself according to the situation is the only solution.
  • Accept– In life, we sometimes face such big losses that we can’t change or bear them. And, while trying to solve them, we get more stressed and keep affecting ourselves.

Let’s accept that we can’t solve everything. Sometimes, we have to leave and just accept. Though the acceptance is hard but it’s the road to happiness and relief, at times.

3. Replace the Unhealthy ways with Healthy Stress Relieving Habits

Drinking and smoking – well, a big problem in itself. Asking the addicts the reason why they are so hooked to these habits, they say that it makes them stress free and helps forget the worries. Unfortunately, these ways compound much bigger problems in future.

There’s an advice for addicts who want to come out of the trauma –

  • Make time for Hobbies that include no time for BULLSHIT

It’s good to make your work a priority. But, there are times you need to tell the eager beaver in you to shush. Keep carving out some “me” time. Go out with your friends, take a walk through nature, join your favourite club, play your favourite sport, just do anything you love, once a day. Eventually, you will lead a calm, composed, and comfortable life.

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  • Don’t Be Busy – Be Productive

How many times have you wished for more time during the day? Plenty of times right. One of the biggest reasons behind this stress and pressure is the lack of time. Your to-do list keeps getting long and the time flies.

The list stays the same, but no time to complete the tasks in time. Learn to manage your time. Here are some steps to organize your time systematically.

6. Connected to Music

Break the barriers of stress by putting on the music. Listening to music is a therapy that doctors and therapists recommend to handle managing edginess. Whenever you get overwhelmed by the pressure, take a break and turn on your favourite songs. Scientifically proven, it reduces the level of cortisol (a hormone linked to stress). In addition, it lowers down the blood pressure, which gradually makes your mind calm and fresh. 

7. Converse with Yourself

People say it’s good to talk to a friend when in stress. That’s true, but that can’t be possible every time, right? Don’t worry we have a solution for that which can never fail. Your bestEST friend is YOU!

Talk to yourself, don’t worry about seeming lunatic. Discuss with yourself why you are stressed. Be your own human diary. Try this, it really works! Tell yourself that everything will be perfect soon!

8. Exercise

Exercising daily is one of the best ways to release stress. In fact, working out more often can refresh your mood. Remember to make it your routine if you want it to pay off.

To begin with, a half an hour workout should be fine; your body might not well receive the sudden physical work. As you progress, keep increasing it gradually. And, exercise doesn’t mean that you have to lift weights at the gym. Like, basic aerobics, garden your plants twice (you will get benefit of fresh oxygen). In short, make an activity your routine.

9. Visualize Happiness

This could be the best way to beat the stress instantly. Going on a mini vacation is refreshing. Also, visualizing your favourite gala destination can reduce your tensions and disquiet. The visualization could be from your favourite place like beach to may be your favourite childhood pictures. It could be a place where it is raining. If you practice it more often, just the thought of your image can get you relaxed.

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10. Set some Goals

Whenever you feel stuck at some point of time, think of the goal you have to achieve. For example, when facing a financial issue, think of your goal where you have to reach ultimately. It will definitely push you forward towards your end goal. Goal is something that is your beacon to keep you grounded and moves you forward. The life should have a “Kick”, get it from your goals.

Stay Calm and Live Happy!

The article is presented by Nayab Hasan from 9ightout. He is a 22 YO blogger who loves sharing his experiences.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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