12 Smart Ways to Stay Loyal with Daily Workout

I’ll go for a run in the evening, you tell yourself, I’m starting to work out on Monday, I’ll buy a gym membership at the beginning of next month. Promises, promises, promises. Sounds familiar?

Lucky for you, my friends, I’ll teach you a few motivational steps that help to finally stand up from the table and go to the gym. Daily Workouts can act as home remedies for arthritis. It helps reduce the pain and the stiffness caused by arthritis.

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1. Wear Sportswear at Home

Even if you are not going to exercise today, take a time to put on workout clothes. Look at yourself in the mirror and take some photos. Like what you see? Not really? Maybe it’s time to do some exercises right now, without changing back to casual clothes.


2. Buy a Gym Membership

It is one of the most motivating decisions. Even if you feel lazy all of a sudden, you already paid for a monthly membership. How can you skip working out and waste money? Now get off of that couch!

If going to a gym feels like an absolute no-go today, settle for some home exercises. But if you’re full of energy and ready to do some heavy lifting, squat workout tips might be exactly what you need.


3. Write Down your Impressions of Each Workout

Train yourself to keep a sports diary. Try to convey in writing all sensations from physical exertion. If you don’t feel like working out today, open your dairy and remember that awesome feeling of accomplishment you get after working out. Believe me; you will want to relive it!


4. Remind yourself why you started to Work out in the First Place

Remember a time when you didn’t buy clothes you liked because you couldn’t fit into them? How often do you want to wear shorts or a short skirt but feel uncomfortable? Reel all the unpleasant memories or hurtful words and remind yourself why you started to engage in physical activity.


5. Compete

Competition has always been a great motivator. Who will lift more weight? Who is faster? Who has lost more weight by the end of the week? Compete with friends or gym-buddies; motivate not only yourself but those around you. Forget about diet pills and other stuff: you’re not a cheater!

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Although there is some excellent stuff, you might want to check out: ever heard the name Phenocal?


6. Ask Yourself: Will you Regret Stopping?

People have different reasons for starting to work out: desire to lose weight, build muscle, improve health, get some positive emotions or simply take time off. All mentioned above, all that you’ve accomplished so far will go to waste if you stop. Sure that you won’t regret it?


7. Try Out Group Lessons

Some people feel more comfortable dealing with a personal coach: firstly, his attention will be entirely dedicated to you; secondly, there will be no witnesses of possible failure. However, a good coach can pay attention to everyone, even if there are 10-15 people in the group. A group class has its pros: the atmosphere of energy around you will force you to keep going even if you want to stop. And don’t worry about possible unwanted attention from other group members – there will be no time for goggling around.


8. Pretend to be Surrounded by Audience

You will have to make a little effort: imagine that you are a professional athlete, being watched by a broad audience, people are shouting and applauding. You can’t just turn around and leave. A rather unusual way, but it helps people with a good imagination.


9. Motivate Yourself

Buy bright stickers and write down motivational phrases like: “You can do it,” “Whatever it takes,” “Just do it,” “Be yourself,” “Believe and achieve” or “Never give up.” Cover the surface of your apartment with as many stickers as possible. They will cheer you up even if you’re in a bad mood.

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10. Listen to Audio Books

Some people prefer to work out to music but trust me; it will get boring at some point. Audio books are a long-term solution: you will want to go for a run or work out again just to know how the story ended.


11. Take Selfies

Take photos before and after weekly workouts. You can even make some fitness album or hang pictures on the wall to compare. Seeing progress on the picture is easier than noticing changes in the mirror. Especially if you look for them after every workout.


12. Monitor your Success

Get a fitness gadget: the electronic bracelet, for example. Track the slightest progress, record your impressions and feelings. It’s also can be used to set up a diary. Flip through it in the evening and make plans for the rest of the week.



What could be better than knowing that your body is capable of something new? A month ago you could hardly do 20 push-ups, now you’re up to 100! Every workout, every physical activity helps you become stronger, more flexible, allow you to do something you couldn’t before. This knowledge will be a great motivator.


Feel the reluctance to engage in fitness today? Promise yourself just to warm up a little and immediately go home afterward. Believe me: once you start though, you will not want to stop.

The last but not least: believe in yourself. If anyone can do it, it’s you!


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