How Pelvic Exercise help to improve your Endurance naturally

Improve Your Endurance with Pelvic Exercises

Numerous factors can weaken endurance in men, and pelvic pain is one of them. Pelvic pain usually affects the lower abdominal area and it can either come and go or be persistent. The intensity of pelvic pain varies from mild and moderate to severe, but it deeply affects a man’s quality of life either way.

Multiple causes are associated with pelvic pain in men including sexually transmitted diseases, infections, problems with prostate, having recently had a urinary catheter inserted, and others. The treatment of pelvic pain depends on the cause, by one thing is for sure  you have to strengthen the pelvic area.

In fact, the stronger pelvic area is of huge importance for your overall health, even for your endurance in and out of bed. This is where pelvic exercises step in!

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Why do you need to exercise?

When dealing with the pain of any kind, it is logical to assume avoiding physical activity is the best thing to do. Bear in mind that if left ignored, the pain will not only worsen, but it will have even greater impact on the endurance and overall quality of life.

According to a study whose findings were published in the Neurology and Urodynamics men with chronic pelvic pain syndrome manifest poorer pelvic floor muscle instability compared to healthy counterparts. Physical activity can help manage this problem, and it’s needless to mention exercise is one of the best natural ways to increase stamina.

Don’t worry; benefits of physical activity for this purpose are confirmed by science. Harvard scientists discovered that moderate exercise could help prevent pelvic pain, and it contributes to the management of this problem. As you can see, exercise benefits you either way.

Keep in mind that not every exercise is ideal for pelvic floor strengthening and building endurance. Strenuous activities can aggravate the problem, which is why the best thing to do is to opt for pelvic floor exercises.

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What are pelvic floor exercises?

Pelvic floor exercises are, basically, Kegels for men. Contrary to popular belief, Kegels are not for women only! These are simple clench-and-release exercises whose primary function is to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. The pelvis is the area between the hips, and it holds the reproductive organs.

When you’re young, pelvic floor muscles are strong and taut, but they can weaken or get stretched as you age. Let’s not forget infections and other factors affecting the pelvic area. Weak pelvic muscles have a negative impact on a man’s endurance and sex life. Kegels work wonders for improving stamina and sexual performance, something like TestoFuel and other supplements of that kind.


What can they do?

Pelvic floor exercises work perfectly with products such as Virectin to give men stamina they need in the gym and between the sheets. Benefits of Kegels for men are numerous, even science has confirmed them! For example, the UK scientists discovered that pelvic floor exercises should be considered a first-line approach for men who seek long-term resolution of erectile dysfunction.

A research review in Urology shows that Kegel exercises can aid treatment of stress incontinence in men after prostate surgery. The review also showed pelvic floor exercises could help with overactive bladder, postvoid dribbling, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems including premature ejaculation, and pelvic pain caused by levator muscle spasm.

Here is the basic rundown of the most significant benefits of men’s Kegels:

Better erections

Minimized risk of ejaculation problems

Orgasm intensity

Pelvic strength

Endurance due to stronger pelvic area

Prevention/management of urinary incontinence

Reduced dribbling after urination

Factors that weaken or stretch out pelvic area include:


Being overweight or obese

Chronic cough


Lack of general fitness, i.e., sedentary lifestyle

Neurological damage after an injury or a stroke

Pelvic surgery

Repetitive heavy lifting

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How Kegels improve endurance?

One of the most important benefits of Kegel exercises is improved endurance. These exercises improve your stamina in different ways. First of all, pelvic floor exercises prevent ejaculation problems or help you manage them in case you’re struggling.

Ejaculating prematurely is not uncomfortable for both partners in the bed, but it also demonstrates poor stamina. Since these exercises give you the opportunity to work on this problem and help you last longer in bed, then your endurance improves as well.

Stronger erections for better sex and mind-blowing orgasms also pose as a way of improving endurance through men’s Kegels. Improved quality of erections indicates blood flow throughout the body, including the genital region, is adequate. In fact, erection strength depends on healthy and uninterrupted blood flow!

What does this mean for your endurance? Well, blood flow plays a major role here as well! Improved blood circulation and oxygen to muscles and tissues throughout the body means you can push yourself harder, run further, exercise longer, and do your best in bed as well.

It is also important to mention that pelvic floor exercises maximize blood flow to this specific area, thus delivering more strength to the lower abdomen.

Reduced trips to the bathroom and stronger bladder are also important for your endurance, particularly in men who experience problems like urinary leaking and incontinence. Nothing kills your stamina like frequent trips to the bathroom and inability to “let go” due to bladder problems!


How to do Kegels?

Perks associated with regular pelvic floor exercises are numerous, and the best thing is they’re completely free. You don’t need special equipment, gym membership, or to sign up for training sessions.

The first thing to do before you start doing Kegels for men is to locate pelvic floor muscles. Probably the best way to identify these muscles is while urinating. All you have to do is to stop urinating mid-stream. The muscles you engage to hold the urine are your pelvic floor muscles, same group you use to stop passing gas.

Remember, your testicles will also rise when contracting these muscles. Watch yourself in the mirror and see how your testicles “act” for a clear sign you’re engaging the right muscle group.

Now that you have identified pelvic muscles, you’re ready to do Kegels for men. The first thing to do is to contract these muscles and hold the contraction as long as you can. Release the contraction and repeat.

Some men are not able to hold the contraction at all while others do manage to hold it for a few seconds.

If these scenarios happen in your case, don’t feel bad. Do pelvic floor exercises regularly, and you’ll improve, that’s what these maneuvers are for anyway. The goal is to keep trying, and the progress will come naturally.

Another thing to bear in mind that Kegels aren’t about speed and you shouldn’t strive to complete the exercises as soon as possible. Instead, focus on technique and give yourself more time to complete and improve.

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Pelvic floor exercises do wonder for men who need to boost endurance, improve erections, prevent or manage pelvic pain, improve sexual functioning, and so much more. These exercises help you boost stamina and improve pelvic floor strength in an entirely natural manner. Do these exercises regularly. As more men are realizing the benefits of Kegel’s, there are numerous options you can find, but stick to basic clench-and-release movement until you improve contraction length.

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