4 Quirky Ways of Getting That Hourglass Figure

The perfect hourglass figure consists of mainly a very small waist and wide hips. Scientists have even worked out that the most appealing female bodies have a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, meaning that the waist is 70% the size of the hips.

High-intensity workouts on the right portions of the body and eating healthily will sure get you an hourglass figure but the gym isn’t for everyone.

If an hourglass figure is what you desire but you’re not keen on the high-intensity workouts then here are some ways fun you can achieve a hot, curvy body.

Belly Dancing

One of the sexiest dances of all time, belly dancing is an awesome workout for a toned and slim waist. Through belly dancing, you’ll learn to control muscle groups in your core and move them to the beat.

Belly dancing’s simplest of moves like the shimmy will require you to engage your entire your core, including your abs, your oblique muscles (the muscles on the sides of your torso) and your legs muscles as well. Learning to move your hips in small circles will tone your abs since such movements need a lot of muscle-work.

If you’re looking to lose weight fast then belly dancing would not be the best option but is ideal if you want to strengthen your core in a fun-filled class while learning to move ever so gracefully.


Doing laps in the pool using your full body strength is the best workout that activates all the muscles in your body but there are certain exercises you can do in the water that will get you an hourglass body.

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Certain swimming strokes, types of kicks, squats and jumps in the water will sculpt your body so you can get a defined hourglass figure. Mastering the Dolphin Kick or the Butterfly stroke will tone your glutes, your legs and your core at the same time.

Simple squats and jumps in the water are more effective than when you do it out of the pool. The water gives you resistance, therefore, you require more energy to move your muscles.

The best thing about working out in the pool is that it prevents your body from overheating so your workouts don’t feel that exhausting.

Stiletto Workouts

The only type of workout you’ll do in 3-inch heels. Stiletto workouts are for those daring women who refuse to compromise their style for the sake of comfort. This is a low-moderate intensity workout but it does help shape your thighs and butt. You’ll learn to walk upright in heels and maintain your balance at all times.

Stiletto workouts consist of dance moves that incorporate basic exercises such as piles, kicks, squats etc.

The workouts are not intense but they will make you sweat and you will be required to keep your buttocks clenched at all times and your gut sucked in which in turn will get you a flat tummy and toned butt.

Rope Workout

It may look simple but it will surely be one the more intense workouts that you do. You won’t realize how many muscles of your body are engaged until you try the workout yourself.

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The workout requires you to stand in one spot while using your arms to makes waves with the ropes that are anchored to the ground. You’ll be asked to move the ropes up and down, sideways and in other ways using your arms but you’ll feel the burn in your core, legs, shoulders, and back. It’s a combination of cardio, interval and strength training which is why it is such an effective workout. If you’re willing to try something different then you should definitely give this workout a shot.

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