5 Snoring Treatment Tips

Snoring affects roughly 90 million American adults, making it an extremely common phenomenon. Although common snoring is an extremely irritating occurrence both for the snorer and his/her partner. Presented below are 5 Snoring Solutions to help you get your snoring under control.

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  • Check your Diet:

Get tested for food allergies, this will help you identify if there are any allergens in your diet. Allergens, when consumed, can cause inflammation of your throat tissue, leading to the increased occurrence of snoring. Milk allergies are most common.

  • Lose Weight:

Number one factor why people snore is weight! A good number of snorers are overweight. Extra weight causes compression of your throat tissue, leading to the snoring sound. Lose the weight to help you breath better and quieter.

  • Adjust your Bedding:

Is your bed the cause of your snoring? Yes, many snorers suffer from dust/pollen allergies. Old bedding is an excellent bedding ground for these allergens. Change your bedding every 10 years. And if you suffer from dust /pollen allergy, keep your doors and windows shut as far as possible. Keep the bedroom off limit expect for night-time to minimize dust and other allergens in the room. If you have pets, keep them out of bed.

  • Sleep Position:

For many snorers, a simple change of posture from sleeping on back to sleeping on the side can help cure the snoring! Yes, it’s as simple as that. Sleeping on the back makes for increased chances of collapsing of the lounge on throat tissue, leading to the snoring. Sleeping on side minimizes the chances, thus making for snore-free nights.

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  • Make healthy choices:

Cigarette and alcohol both are not your friend if you are a snorer/ heavy snorer. Cigarette smoke irritates your nasal and throat membrane causing inflammation and inducing snoring. Whereas alcohol acts as a muscle relaxant, making it more likely for your throat muscles to relax and cause snoring. So if you are a smoker quit the butt and see the difference. For alcohol drinkers, try to limit alcohol intake during dinner. Avoid as far as possible, if unavoidable have it no later than 3 hours before bedtime so that its relaxant effect is diffused and it does not up to your chances of snoring.

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