Six Pack Abs Workout: The 5 Best Abs Exercises To Get A Flat Stomach

Flat Somach? Yes Please!

A flat stomach is something a lot of people – both male and female – are aiming towards. It is often part of a person’s fitness goals as it is considered to be an attractive feature, especially among women who usually do not prefer to build a set of abs. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy as it seems to get a flat stomach as it takes a lot of work, especially if the person who is aiming for this goal has excess fat in their abdominal region. There are quite a lot of people with excessive amounts of fat in their body, and the abdominal area is often one of the main culprits where this fat accumulates. A study by the Health Sciences Center at the University of Florida determined that in the United States, approximately 7.6% of the adult population has excessive amounts of abdominal fat and about 33.7% of adults in the country has too much fat in their abdominal area when compared to their height.

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Abdominal obesity isn’t only an unattractive feature that has a negative impact on a person’s external appearance, but it is also a problem that can cause may adverse effects inside the body as well. In fact, fat buildup in the stomach is often considered more dangerous than the accumulation of fat in other parts of the body. This is because, in the abdomen, the fat that is known as visceral fat accumulates – this type of fat fills up between open spaces in the viscera. This means that visceral fat creates an envelope effect around the intestines, the stomach, and other organs. This type of fat also releases toxins that can change certain biological features. These factors can lead to a higher risk of insulin sensitivity, diabetes, and heart disease. Many other health issues have also been linked to the buildup of visceral fat.

Best Ab Exercises For A Flat Belly

Since abdominal fat can be such a danger to a person’s overall health, it is vital to realize that additional flat should always be kept at a bare minimum in this area. Fortunately, it is not impossible to lose excessive amounts of weight in the abdominal region, but it is important to note that the person who is effected will need to work hard in order to achieve a flat stomach – even the best ab workout will not do much good if the individual isn’t motivated and prepared to work for the results they are after. Here we are going to look at several workouts that can be used to promote fat loss in the stomach and help a person reach their ultimate goal.


1. Pike-Ups

Pike-ups are exercises that target different muscle groups in the body at the same time – the core (abdominal region) is one of the areas that is targeted with these exercises. One of the most attractive features of pike-ups is the fact that there is no need to go to the gym or to buy expensive equipment to do them. The entire exercise depends on the person’s body weight. While this may not be the easiest exercise for a flat stomach, it surely is a workout that will challenge the individual and provide them with excellent results. To do pike-ups, a person first needs to understand that there are different types of this exercise and getting into the perfect position for a specific type of these exercises is the first step to mastering them. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

    To get into position, the individual should put their hands on the floor with their palms pointing downwards and kneel at the same time.

    The palms of their hands should be aligned underneath their shoulders.

    To get into a plank position, the individual should straighten their entire body with their hands still on the floor – as if they are ready to perform a push-up. Finally, the body should be stabilized.

2. Plank Exercises

Next up is a plank workout. This type of workout is excellent for targeting the biceps, deltoids, triceps and many other muscles throughout the entire body. The workout is also considered to be an effective way of reducing abdominal fat and achieving that flat stomach. A basic plank exercise starts out in a press up setting. The elbows are then bent, and the body’s weight is put upon the forearms instead of the hands. The belly is then sucked into the spine, and the position is held for a specified amount of time. Apart from helping a person obtain a flatter stomach, plant exercises are also excellent for building up strength throughout the entire body.

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3. Lunge & Twist

The Lunge & Twist workout is excellent for building up ab muscles and reducing abdominal fat buildup. This workout is also effective in building up the legs and glutes; thus providing a complete abdominal and lower body workout. The exercise is done in a stand-up position. The individual’s two feet should be together. The individual then lunges back with their left leg, bends their knees about 90 degrees and then reach to their right foot with their left hand. The individual then stands up, lifts their left knee to the same height of their hip and brings their fists towards their chest. Finally, the elbows are bent outwards, and the user twist left and twisted back to the center. The position should be repeated on both sides several times for best efficiency.

4. Kettlebell Swings

If the individual is ready to bring in some equipment or go wants to try a session at the gym, they should do some kettlebell swings. The workouts will burn an excessive amount of calories, and it is the perfect workout to lose some fat in the abdominal area and flatten that stomach. Kettlebell swings target a broad range of muscles, including the core muscles, glutes, calves, lower back, and hamstrings. What makes this exercise exciting is the fact that it can be alternated between two-handed and one-handed swings.

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5. Pull-Ups

Finally, a person should never forget to add some pull-ups to their exercise routine if they are aiming towards a flat stomach. These exercises can be done almost anywhere – not only at the gym but also at home or even when a tree with a strong branch is nearby. The workout has a range of benefits for the body and targets the core muscle as well, which means the individual can burn the excess fat that is standing in their way. The workout is also excellent for increasing upper body strength.

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Every person is always striving to look their very best, especially when summer months are drawing closer and more people are going to be at the beach than ever. A flat stomach is one of the attractive features that a lot of women and men work on to help them feel better about themselves, but these often require a lot of hard work. The five exercises we’ve shared here will help you achieve that goal, and they all work on additional muscles as well; thus giving you a full body workout in the process.

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