Add These Powerful Edible Seeds On Your Food To Lower Cholesterol Levels & Promote Other Health Benefits

Flax Seeds Benefits

f there are safer and more effective natural therapies to treat cholesterol, it doesn’t really make sense why people opt to intake drugs, which come with many side effects. For example, they can cause interference of production of coenzyme Q10 levels, weakness, and muscle pain, to name just a couple.

One natural treatment that has been highly utilized at the Whittaker Wellness Institute due to it working extremely well is flax seed.


Health Benefits of Flax Seed

In addition to being able to lower cholesterol levels, flax seed can also help in preventing strokes and heart attacks.

Flax seed is a great source of soluble fiber, which can help block cholesterol from going into the bloodstream. It acts as a natural cholesterol control mechanism.

Flax seed has been considered to be a plant that is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids, which can prevent blood clots that can cause stroke and heart attack and improve blood flow. Omega-3s have proven to be able to lower triglyceride and cholesterol. The combination of omega-3s and soluble fiber are more than likely what causes flax seed to be so effective in reducing the levels of cholesterol.


Put Flax Seed to the Test

Opt to use ¼ cup of freshly ground flax seed before your main meal, every day, in order to begin to see these previously mentioned health benefits. In just fifteen days, you can notice a dramatic cholesterol fall, as well as weight loss if you use it for six months. Not only that, but don’t be surprise if you notice improvements in your vision, hair, skin, and energy level.

You can opt to sprinkle this edible on your salads, yogurts, or other foods. It’s recommended that you do not utilize flax oil or pre-ground seed because oils in ground flax seed can rapidly become rancid. It’s suggested that you buy whole flax seeds and opt to grind them before eating them. To grind, for about five seconds, place your whole seeds into a blender, food processor, or coffee grinder.


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