African Bodybuilder Defies Odds and Goes from Kid to Beast All Natural

What’s your excuse?!

Finding the right state of mind to motivate yourself to workout is a struggle every bodybuilder and fitness freak deals with in their life. Well, getting into the gym and committing to that lifestyle was probably one of the hardest endeavors many of have taken, but nonetheless, consistency is key to developing the body you’ve been dreaming of.

As many of us know, its a daily struggle to make it to the gym and  get motivated to lift, eat clean and train hard, as everyone says. So we’ve decided to show you what its like to train with very little equipment, no Air Conditioning, No hot women walking around the gym with tight yoga pants, and very little access to proper gym equipment or machines.

Kulbila Agyarko Samuel, the Ghanian bodybuilder of instagram, started his lifting journey as far back as 2012 with nothing but some home made weights and any food he could find to eat, which was probably the hardest part of his training regime. Lets not even mention the kind of weights he uses and improvises with. This is the ultimate DIY Gym if you ask me.

Your probably not going to complain again about your crappy gym equipment after seeing what he uses above, will you?

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This is not to say that he doesn’t get work done in the gym though, even with the lack of proper gym equipment and proper bodybuilder-esque diet, he’s still looking like a beast. He’s been accused of taking steroids and other drugs to enhance his physique and muscle growth, but we all know this isn’t true, especially when your meals look like this:


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