Are There Different Types of HGH?

Why are there different types of HGH? Not all the advertised products are real HGH. Real human growth hormone comes only as an injectable, not as pills, drops, capsules, or sprays.

Are There Different Types of HGH?

Human growth hormone – the name says it all. You may be wondering are there different types of HGH, and that is a valid question. Many people think there are other types of HGH because they see it on store shelves or the internet. Television commercials promote a brand of “HGH” that can easily trick you into thinking you are buying real HGH when you are not.

No matter what you read, hear, or see, there is only real HGH. The different types of HGH you may see advertised do not contain real HGH. It is time to understand how these over-the-counter products differ from real human growth hormones.

What are the types of HGH that fall in the “not real HGH” category?

  • Capsules
  • Pills
  • Drops
  • Sprays
  • Lotions or creams
  • Patches

None of these types of human growth hormones contain real, bioidentical HGH. If you look closely at their labels, they will likely state that they help release or boost HGH production in the pituitary gland. These boosters or releasers do not directly increase HGH levels. Only real hgh injections can do that. Continue reading to learn more about this topic.

Why HGH Injections Are the Best Type of HGH

Messing around with hormone levels can lead you into trouble. Only a knowledgeable doctor can safely increase or balance your hormones because any move in the wrong direction can impact many other crucial chemical messengers in the body. Hormones are the body’s messengers – delivering signals that keep everything in working order. You need a prescription before you can purchase hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The only types of prescription HGH that you can buy are injections. The HGH molecular structure renders it unable to pass through the skin or membrane barriers to enter the bloodstream. Since digestive and stomach enzymes would destroy the properties of HGH, it cannot be taken orally.

Are there different types of HGH injections or are the all the same?

Structurally, all brands of HGH must contain 191 amino acids in a single chain polypeptide protein. Anything else would not be HGH. However, each brand of HGH offers unique options for injector styles.

What are the different types of HGH injections I can buy?

Here are some of the most popular injector options for adult HGH therapy:

  • Standard vials of lyophilized HGH powder – the most economical option
  • HGH injector pen systems that are all-in-one units that come prefilled with HGH – when empty you discard them
  • Human growth hormone pens that use interchangeable cartridges – when one cartridge is empty, simply remove it and replace it with another
  • Single-use, prefilled, disposable syringes – the HGH and diluent are contained inside the two-chamber syringe, and you mix it right before use

The injector pens come in a variety of styles. Some require mixing while others come already prepared. Prices vary from brand to brand and style to style.

Why Should You Avoid the Other Types of HGH?

The various “homeopathic” types of HGH therapy will not provide the same fast results as real human growth hormones. Even if their viable properties were to make it to the bloodstream, it would take many months for them to influence the pituitary gland enough to make much of a change.

Another problem with over-the-counter “HGH” preparations is that they are not subject to quality control standards or other testing. Even many vitamins and supplements today often do not contain what is on their labels. Independent labs test OTC products and report on their quality. These types of HGH may or may not have the properties they report. Their stated results are often based on their own in-house testing. Legitimate research has shown that OTC human growth hormone boosters and releasers do not work.

Why are there different types of HGH injections online that go by cap color or strange names?

These products are manufactured overseas – often in China or other countries that have lower quality standards than in the US. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting consumer, many of these items are not safe to use. Either they contain bacterial residue from the production line, or they are counterfeit products manufactured using toxic and dangerous ingredients.

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