Best sports for overall fitness, Without going to the gym

Fitness! Without going to the gym!

Can you imagine this?

Well. Many of us think that we can’t get proper fitness without doing gymnastics at the gymnasium. The reason behind this is every gym has instructor and fitness equipment. The instructor suggests and shows ways to make your body fit. In most cases, when we stop going to the gym, our body becomes unfit and vulnerable to disease. On the other hand, playing sports can give you permanent overall fitness. 

In this article, you are going to learn about best sports for overall fitness — no need to hit the gym anymore. 


Running is the best idea to make your body healthy and flexible. It may seem less appealing at first. However, when you go for twice or thrice time to run, it will be addictive. Running on a field, crowd-free road also makes your mind fresh. It helps to boost the thinking power and move to limbs easily. You can lose enough calories by running. There’s no instrument, but still you can lose your weight!


You may call it in other names such as road biking, mountain cycling. Everything is the same, and you need to turn the pedals. Cycling requires the movement of your whole body. You are simultaneously moving your legs, putting pressure on feet while playing this sport. Biking improves blood circulation, increases breathability. It’s the best cardiovascular exercise. Even it’s suitable for people of all ages. 


If you have low stamina, body aches and sleeping disorders; you should go for swimming. It’s good for your heart, lung capacity and endurance. When you go for the first time, it will seem more onerous to stay long in the water. However, practicing daily can make you happy and lively. Swimming requires to roll in and out of your legs and hands. The muscles in these areas get healthy and active. It also develops flexible tissue so that you can move without any hassles. 


Tennis includes multiple games in one game. Running, jumping, throwing, eye-focusing etc. all are the parts of tennis sports. In just one match, you can loosen the muscle stiffness. It is an excellent opportunity to sweat a lot besides getting entertainment. Sweating offers to reduce body weight or to lose extra body fat. Our arms become stronger, more robust and resistant to any redundancy. Our eyesight also becomes more focused on the target. We can improve our concentration and memory power by playing this sport. 


Squash and racquetball; both sports need fast body movement. It would be best if you reacted within seconds when you play these sports. These indoor games can make your body a calorie-burning machine. You can give shape to your front and backside, from waist to the shoulder, hamstrings etc. You learn many things from playing squash. Body balance, endurance, speed and agility- more than these are enhanced by joining a game like this.  You can refers to for your prefer squash racquet that available in the market.


Do you like to jump now and then? This exciting sport is for the people who can’t stay calm at a single place. Benefits of basketball are quite similar to playing tennis. Here, you need to put pressure on the feet, make your hands flexible. Even jumping and running on the court reduces the muscle tension specially in the knee and hip joints. You won’t get any pain whereas there will be lots of fun and mental strategies to follow. Your breathing capability will improve soon when you go to the basketball court. 


If you wish to solve metabolism, agility and weak muscle problems; volleyball can be the best idea. You need to concentrate on the ball. Then you should focus on the line and push the ball as fast as you can. These are the common steps in the volleyball court. You can change your sad mood into exciting and jolly mood. Burning calories and increasing agility are the best benefits from the volleyball game. 


There are many more sports like rowing, ping pong, wrestling, golf, rugby, ski etc. which can be alternative to going to the gym. Some of the above games may require equipment, groups. However, all of them are healthy, effective and good for having a balanced life. You don’t need to buy gym things or make schedule for that. You can play these sports at any time depending on your mood. Moreover, there’s no risk to become unhealthy again!

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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