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Breathe Life into Your Workout Routine with These 5 Rituals

You made it your New Year’s resolution to work out this year like you’ve never worked out before but don’t have a good enough fitness plan? Without a carefully thought-out fitness routine, you may find it harder to reach your workout goals once this year comes to an end. To avoid becoming disappointed in yourself, why not try out introducing new fitness rituals into your fitness routine? These rituals could just happen to breathe in more energy into your fitness for more motivation and with that, better results. To help you out, here are a couple of suggestions you could try.

1. Start your day with yoga

What better way to prepare yourself for a productive day than with gentle yoga stretching? Yoga is now practiced in the Western world for a variety of reasons with stress-relief, flexibility, and greater fitness being common reasons. Gentle yoga will help energize your body, calm your mind, and flex your joints which is a great way to prep yourself for the challenges of the day. Although yoga is considered too gentle of an exercise to help with weight loss and muscle gain, this is simply not the case. A study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine found that regular yoga practice was a successful strategy for weight loss and weight maintenance. A possible explanation could be that the stress-relieving benefits of yoga reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone known to lead to greater weight loss so stress management should be your priority when trying to lose weight.

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2. Exercising on the go

With so many obligations you need to juggle in a single day, finding the time to workout can be tough. Instead of stressing over the lack of time you have to start working out, you should simply work out whenever you get the chance. For instance, if you need to go grocery shopping go by foot to your nearest store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. At work, try walking around your desk and stretch a bit every now and then. Including plenty of physical activity and movement into your daily life is a sure way to make fitness and to work out a part of your lifestyle. Another way to include exercise while sitting at the desk is with Kegel exercises for men and women. This exercise was found to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. So, instead of finding excuses for why you can’t find the time to work out, start finding ways to make fitness a part of your daily life.

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3. Eat before you work out

Eating a nutritious and balanced meal before your workout is a sure way to maximize your performance and enjoy it at the same time. Research on the optimal diet to complement any workout routine has gone a long way, and we know now more about the role of nutrition in our health than ever before. Most studies suggest eating a carbohydrate-rich meal before a bout of exercise to give your body plenty of energy. Choose whole grain sourced of carbohydrates and add just a bit of fat to support testosterone production. After your workout, make sure to eat a protein-rich meal to give your muscles nutrients to grow. Your daily meals should also consist of plenty of fiber for better weight loss and appetite suppression and be packed with nutrients for overall health. A good example of a balanced diet is the Mediterranean diet which research believes is great for overall health and functioning.

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4. HIIT when you’re short of time

If you are struggling to find time, or motivation even, to work out than HIIT may be your best bet. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has gained a lot of media attention recently mostly because of its efficiency in boosting weight loss. A study published in the Journal of Obesity concluded that HIIT was one of the most effective fat-burning exercises up to date, and what’s best, you only need a few minutes of your time to make it work. The exercise is done by sprinting at a high intensity for up to 60 seconds, followed by a few minutes of moderate aerobic activity. You can sprint on a stationary bike or any way you like. Doing this for up to 5 minutes every other day is bound to lead to weight loss and greater fitness levels.

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5. Schedule your workout

A great way to reach your fitness goals successfully is by scheduling the time you plan to work out as you would with any other appointment. Even if you don’t have a gym membership, make sure to mark the dates on your calendar when you plan to exercise and stick to it. But make sure to plan your activities by your obligations and limits. There’s no point in scheduling a workout when you know that you can’t stick to it. What time of the day or week you plan to work out does not matter as long as you’re diligent about your routines. Once a week is enough if you’re a busy body or up to three times if you can manage. The goal is to make working out manageable and compatible with your lifestyle.


Many people fail to stick to a workout routine because they haven’t made exercising their life ritual. Exercising should not be treated as an afterthought but another goal of the day that you need to achieve. After all, your health, well-being, and fitness is at stake so why not make it a priority? The tips given here are just a couple of suggestions you should bear in mind when planning a workout routine. From how you start your day and eat your meals, to the way you plan your workout routines, all these things can make a big difference. Make sure to consider each tip when trying to include exercising into your life to achieve greater fitness levels, and we’re sure you’ll achieve any goals you’ve planned for yourself.

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