Cheyenne Cigars – the Benefits of Smoking Them as Opposed to Regular Cigars

Smoking is one of the many pastimes that people hold onto today in America and all over the world. While new trends like electronic options and vapes are popping up as well as growing in popularity, little can take away from the classic feel of smoking a cigar. Chances are that even if you aren’t a smoking enthusiast, you know what a cigar is, but how about a Cheyenne cigar? It is not much different from a regular one, but it does come with some additional benefits that you can’t get with the regular one. 

A Cheyenne cigar is smaller than a regular one. This might confuse some people into thinking it is more similar to a cigarette; however, that is not the case. In fact, it is made from cigar tobacco which isn’t as processed as the tobacco that is found in and used for cigarettes. A common question for many is whether or not you can inhale the smoke from a Cheyenne cigar. While the choice is yours, it is not common for people to do it, and it is not preferred, either. Typically, cigar smoke is not inhaled, but more so kept in your mouth as you taste, enjoy, and then release it. 

Without further ado, let’s get into some of the benefits of smoking a Cheyenne cigar as opposed to a regular one.

Easier to Light

First and foremost, Cheyenne cigars are easier to light. A classic cigar takes time to light, and patience is a real virtue here, even for experienced cigar connoisseurs. When lighting regular cigars, you may need a specific kind of lighter – preferably with butane for fuel as well as a wide flame. However, a Cheyenne cigar is not as complicated to light. In fact, you can light it with a regular lighter or a match.

Great for People on the Go

These cigars are small in size compared to the regular ones, which makes it them easy to carry them around. They come in a box of about 20, which is compact and can fit in your pocket or handbag. Many people associate cigars with relaxation time at home or at an event. However, with an option like this, which provides a way to easily smoke on the go, there is no reason you can’t enjoy a cigar while running errands. 

Don’t Last as Long

On average, regular cigars take about 30 minutes to 2 hours to smoke entirely, all depending on the type of cigar you have. There are many people who want the same pleasure of smoking a cigar without having to devote that much to do it. With a Cheyenne cigar, you don’t have to because they typically don’t last that long. This means that you can take a cigar smoke break throughout your day without worrying about being short for time. 

Variety of Flavor Options

While regular cigars also have different flavors, you don’t really have the opportunity to enjoy the different ones within a short period of time. As mentioned earlier, Cheyenne cigars are small and compact – with that being said, you can carry more than one flavor with you and smoke them when you choose. At Buy Pipe Tobacco, flavors include classic, menthol, peach, grape, strawberry, vanilla, and many more. 

Affordable Cost

Classic cigars are often considered to be more of a luxury option when it comes to smoking. This also makes them a bit more expensive. However, for a Cheyenne cigar, you don’t have to break the bank. In fact, these cigars are more affordable than other cigars, and they also come in packs. Since you have a pack of these cigars, chances are you won’t be smoking the classics as often or at all – which will save you money in that aspect as well. 

A way that you can enjoy a similar feel, taste, and experience of smoking a cigar is by settling for a smaller option in size like the Cheyenne cigar. It is not only similar to that of a regular cigar, but it can also be a more practical option for some people. You can explore the different flavors on our website today and conveniently order the pack that you desire to have shipped to you.

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