Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Guest Post By Kevin Adams

It’s the dream of most women to have smooth and flawless-looking skin. Sometimes though, facial and body hair can get in the way of that look. So you try to eliminate it as much as you can. You trim, pluck, and wax the blasted fuzz to your heart’s content. But aren’t you tired of doing the same thing over and over to your unwanted hair? Well, fortunately, laser hair removal is an excellent option for removing hair from root to tip. 

The removal of female hair dates back to ancient Egypt, Rome, and India, where going hairless was a fashion trend. It is, therefore, understandable that the practice trickles up to modern times. Even though we seem fortunate for newer hair eliminating technologies, you probably have some concerns about them. So before you vaporise that offending hair follicle, it would be best to know the answers to some of these questions. 

Is it safe?

If it is your first time, it’s understandable to be scared of the procedure. But fear not, it’s definitely safe. Laser technology disables hair growth by focusing a beam of light into the follicle and destroys its ability to grow. It is harmless because it does not damage the surrounding skin. The laser can cater to any skin type and can be applied to all body areas. 

Is it painful?

Most of the regular laser technology users claim that it is not painful. Try to think of it like snapping rubber bands or warm pinpricks onto the skin. There is some discomfort, but it is tolerable and manageable. Nowadays, though, some clinics employ state-of-the-art equipment, which is quickly and steadily on the rise. These make treatments more comfortable and pain-free. 

Is the hair loss permanent?

There are claims that it is, but it’s not guaranteed. You can be sure that the growing hair will be thinner after several incomplete sessions. Removing hair via laser is not a one-time thing. You need several sessions before you see a real and lasting outcome. It also has to be timed for your previous sessions to work. 

So before starting treatment, it’s best to talk to your laser clinic’s dermatologists so they can lay down all the possible options for you. They will find a schedule that works for you.

Will there be scars after the treatment?

There will be no scars from the first to last day of treatment provided that you follow all instructions. But honestly speaking, there will be some normal redness and warmth on the treated skin as expected. Post-session care is essential for faster healing and dead skin removal. Your dermatologist should give you specific and detailed instructions on how to keep those areas hydrated and fresh. He might even suggest the use of an exfoliator a few days after treatment to prevent ingrown hairs at bay. Whatever his suggestion, you should follow it to the letter to avoid scarring and blemishes.

Women are beautiful. But most would like to enhance their natural looks. A way of improving it would be via facial and body hair removal. If you are the type who wants to get rid of hair sprouting from the nether regions of the unknown, then laser hair removal is the best solution to your problems. 

This post was a guest post by Kevin Adams.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

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