How To Get Rid Of Back Knots By Yourself

Whether you lift weights or sit in front of your computer for long hours, you are most likely to develop back knots in your back.

These type of knots are also termed as trigger points which occur when muscle fibers cannot relax in a proper way. They are mostly found in the trapezius muscle – a large muscle that extends from the skull down to back and shoulders.

Get Rid Of Back Knots By Yourself

Here you will learn about some useful tips on how to get rid of these painful knots in the back. After all, toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles.

Let’s have a look at the tips to get rid of back knots:

1. Find The Knots

Most back knots occur in the upper back and the shoulder area. They tend to make you feel heavier and tighter around this area when compared to the surrounding muscles. It is quite similar to the formation of a knot in a rope.

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If you press on it, you will experience an intense amount of pain. These are mainly termed as trigger points.

2. Apply Pressure On The Knot

To alleviate yourself from such a situation, gently rub on the knot in a circular motion using your fingertips. But, remember to apply only light pressure. This may help release the tense muscle fibres.

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If it is difficult for you to massage the knot on your own, ask your friend or a professional to help you do it.

3. Take The Help Of A Tennis Ball

You can either do this by leaning against the wall or you can do this by lying down. The best way to get relief from back knots is by putting a tennis ball between your back and the surface.

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Position the ball over the point where you feel the muscles all tensed. You might not be comfortable first, but it gradually disappears with applied pressure.

4. Extend Your Reach

Take the help of an umbrella with a curved handle or a specially designed massage handle can help with your back problem. If you have a knot on the back of your shoulder, place the handle of the umbrella on top of the knot and then press slowly upon it by pushing it down.

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