How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost In Canada?

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive procedure that can help you to remove unwanted or excess body fat.

This is a fat reduction cosmetic procedure that uses technology to “freeze” the fat and make it dissolve.

Does this procedure really work?

A lot of people wonder if Coolsculpting really works or if it is a gimmick. It is natural to be skeptical because in the past we have all seen fat reduction systems come and go because they really did not work.

The procedure used during this fat reduction process is called Cryolipolysis. This is actually a highly effective method of reducing fat in localized areas of the body.

Most of the people who have this done see a 20% to 80% reduction of fat cells in the targeted areas of their body.

What are the benefits associated with Coolsculpting?

There are several benefits that make this an excellent choice for helping you to remove some of the excess fat on your body.

  • It is a non-invasive procedure. That means that it does not have the potential risk that liposuction or other surgical cosmetic procedures have.
  • It does not cost as much as a surgical procedure.
  • There is no chance of scarring/
  • You do not have to be put under anesthesia. 
  • You can fit this procedure into your busy schedule.
  • You will not have to take time off work to have the procedure done or for recovery after the procedure.
  • It is painless
  • It boosts confidence
  • The fat cells are permanently removed
  • You can target multiple areas of the body at the same time
  • There is zero risk of infection
  • It is done without you having to be checked into a hospital
  • It can be performed on people of any age
  • It does no damage to blood vessels or nerve fibers

What are the Cons of having this procedure done?

There are drawbacks to every weight loss or fat reduction program. The main drawbacks of this method are limitations on who is not eligible to have it performed on them.

The number one drawback is you will need more than one session before you see the optimal results. Your sessions cannot be scheduled closely together. You will have to wait between six and eight weeks before you get a subsequent session.

It can take up to six months after the sculpting is done before you see the final results. It takes some time for the damaged fat cells to be eradicated and flushed out of the body.

Conditions that prevent you from getting Coolsculpting

  • Psoriasis
  • Type II diabetes Mellitus
  • Varicose veins
  • Pregnancy
  • Skin lesions
  • Dermatitis
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Eczemama

How much does Coolsculpting cost in Canada?

The cost of this fat removal system is far less than the cost of any other successful fat removal process.

On average, the cost to have this done in Canada will be somewhere between $750 and $4000. That is a pretty wide range but there are different things that can raise the price of the procedure.

This process can be performed on different parts of the body. Smaller body parts like the upper arms are less expensive than having a larger area like the stomach or thighs worked on.


If you want to have the fat from your upper arms removed you will most likely pay about $750 per session. The number of sessions you need will depend on the amount of fat and how quickly your fat responds.

Arm sessions will take about 35 minutes and most people see the results they desire with just one session.


The amount it costs to do your thighs will be broken up into inner and outer thigh treatments. Inner thighs will cost you about $750 per treatment but the outer thigh area will cost closer to $1500.

This process can be done in just 35 minutes and most people have permanent results that they are satisfied with after just one treatment.


The stomach may take 2 or more treatments before you achieve the results you want.

You can expect to pay about $1500 for each of these treatments. 

Each session will last between 35 and 60 minutes depending on the amount of fat cells being targeted.


Getting this done on your chin can help you eliminate a double chin situation. 

The cost for this will be between $750 and $1500 per treatment.

Each treatment will take about 35 minutes.

How is this done?

Applicators that adhere to the targeted area using suction are placed on the body. The equipment is then turned on and for about 35 minutes the process is applied.

Some people describe mild tingling sensations during the cycle of treatment.


A lot of the practitioners who do this will offer package discounts. If you have more than one area you wish to address, or if you want to have more than one session on the same area, many providers will offer discounts.

Sometimes the discounts can be very lucrative. If you do have more than one area of concern it is recommended that you talk to the provider before you start scheduling so they can recommend what order to have the procedures done it and can offer you discounts and savings packages.

Most insurances will not cover elective cosmetic procedures like this. You can always ask your insurance provider, but for the most part, they will not agree to pay for this.

Payment Plan Options

Many of the providers of this kind of cosmetic procedure work with their clients by setting up payment plans. The payment plans will allow you to make a small monthly payment over a period of time rather than having to cover the entire procedure at the first appointment.

Final Thoughts

Coolsculpting costs in Canada are more affordable than almost any other cosmetic procedure. They are safe, and more than 80% of the people who have done this say they would recommend the procedures to their friends and family.

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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