Process and Caution for BHO Extraction of Cannabis

Cannabis concentrates go back to 200 years when tinctures and extracts of this plant were used for various medical conditions. The history of medicinal cannabis is a colorful one, with use cases for common ailments in many influential civilizations throughout history, including ancient Egypt, Greece, and India. Several methods of extraction are used historically to produce the best quality concentrates. Butane hash oil or BHO extraction is one among them. In this method, the valuable compounds of cannabis are extracted using hydrocarbons. 

With the help of certified concentrate extraction services, you may get the high-quality extracts for any purpose. BHO is famous for manufacturing consumable concentrates like wax, honey oil, shatter, and much more. Here is everything you may want to know about this method of CBD extraction.

Steps Involved in BHO Extractions

The process of BHO extraction starts with putting liquid butane and cannabis in a pressurized system. The extraction company uses evaporation under a vacuum to remove the butane solvent from the compound. When the butane turns from liquid to vapors, it is easy to eliminate it. 

The concentrate resulting from this process is also called shatter. It is a clear compound that contains CBD, THC, and other components like terpenes. Shatter is the hardened form of BHO, where terpene is generally at a low level. The company will eradicate terpenes through a heated process as they can be more volatile than the cannabinoids. 

Caution Required for BHO Extraction

Butane is a flammable compound. Hence, it is essential to maintain the proper temperature throughout the extraction process. Also, it requires adequate circulators to remove and recycle the butane gas. This removal procedure will eliminate any residues of butane from the extract. 

Since it is a toxic compound, the best extraction companies ensure analytical testing of the final product. The regulations are also tight for this method due to their risk levels. Hence, take caution when choosing concentrate extraction services. Find a manufacturer holding the type-7 license for BHO extraction in California to make a safer choice. 

What are the Main Characteristics of BHO Extracts?

Using variations in temperature and vacuum points, the extraction companies produce different varieties of CBD concentrates. Every plan material has a specific content of cannabinoids, waxes, and terpenes that passes to the extracts. Hence, when buying a high-quality concentrate, look for these characteristics in the BHO

  • High-quality extracts surpassing nearly 60% of THC with zero plant material
  • Resin extraction using refined butane gas
  • Retrieval or reuse of more than 90% of the butane gas in high resin production 
  • Flavorful extracts containing a higher content of terpenes than other methods of extraction

What Can Increase the BHO Yield?

Butane is also known as one of the highest yielding solvents of cannabis concentrates. You need commercial processes tested for potency and purity to increase the yield. Typically, it depends on the equipment and scale of production. The reliable extraction companies use high-quality cannabis flowers or trim in which cannabis resin is highly concentrated. 

Flowers frozen at their peak maturity can exude better flavor and aroma. If you need the best type of extracts, the experience of extraction companies also matters. They should understand the process of purging the residual solvent using the vacuum method.

Before using any cannabis concentrate, it always makes sense to know about the method of extraction used as it affects the final quality, purity, potency, and safety of the extracts.

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