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How To Return To Workouts After A C-Section

Get Your Fitness Back After Giving Birth

It’s natural to want your flat stomach back after delivering your baby. It is important to approach your postpartum fitness routine with caution, especially if you’ve had a C-section.

A C-section is major abdominal surgery and your body needs as much time as possible to recover.

Firstly it is important to get confirmation to exercise from your doctor. Ask for recommendations on how to approach your return to fitness as they know your medical history.

After nine months of pregnancy your stomach will take time to get flatter naturally.

If you gave birth via C-section then you need to be confident in your recovery and in your ability to return to exercise safely and strongly.

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The healing process is not complete at six weeks. Even though your scar may appear healed, the deeper tissue layers inside still need time to recover.


Usually it takes at least six weeks to heal from a C-section to resume exercise. In order to achieve an enviable post baby body you must be patient. Pushing yourself will not speed the healing process or a flat stomach. It will put you at risk for damage to your pelvic floor or abdominal muscles. Heavy lifting and intense exercise can not be performed until you are cleared. You will risk rupturing your scar and delay healing.

Ready For Exercise And Healed In Six Weeks?

Your doctor may have cleared you for exercise at six weeks but this means light and gentle exercise.

The types of exercise that will be beneficial at this time are:

  • Breathing
  • Walking
  • Core restoration
  • Body weight exercises

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The types of exercise that will NOT be beneficial at this time are:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Heavy weight training
  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Traditional “ab” exercises

Gentle Exercises

When it comes to postpartum fitness, slow and steady is the most beneficial. Begin your return to fitness with walking and light stretches. This will help break up scar tissue that can contribute to a pouch or overhang of extra tissue at your c-section site.

  • Plow pose: Lie on the floor and reach your arms and legs above your head.
  • Sphinx pose: Lift your chest and head just a few inches from the floor while lying on your stomach.
  • Bridge pose: Lie on your back, bend your knees and press through your heels to lift your lower body and back off the ground.


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