Step Up To Shape Up: How To Get Fit With 10 Minute Staircase Workout

Anyone who has an Instagram account nowadays knows that there’re two things trending right now: being fashionable and being in shape. While I can’t help you with the first one, I might have a solution for the second one. I’m fully aware of the fact that most of you don’t have time to go to a nearby gym. Buying a fancy workout equipment might also not be an option due to the lack of space or money. So what do we do, you ask me? Keep reading to find out. 

Kegel and his exercises

Dear men, listen up, I’m going to tell you a story about a guy named Arnold Kegel, who lived nearly a century ago and developed the exercise that helps women manage urinary incontinence after childbirth. Now you’re probably confused thinking “what does this have to do with us?” Trust me, it does. Further research and application of these exercises for women opened its more advanced features, meaning they can also be used by men.

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In 2005 BJU International published the results of the study, which was attended by 55 men aged over 20 years. All of them had erectile dysfunctions observed for six months or more.

After six months of regular performance of Kegel exercises and lifestyle changes (nutrition and exercise), about 75 percent of men saw an improvement in their erections.

Performing Kegel exercises within five minutes, two or three times a day, you are likely to see significant improvement in the ability to control the current urine test. Another bonus: Kegel exercises can also help you to have more bright and strong orgasms and help to restore potency. You can do them anytime during the holidays or even driving a car. How is this for the relevance?

Take the Stairs

If you’re one of those people, who use stairs only in case of an elevator being out of service, you’re doing it wrong.  Before you freak out and think I’m talking about a fancy Stairmaster, calm down, the Stairs I mean are easily found outside of your apartment door.

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Here comes the list of exercise you can do on the stairs:

  • Push-ups: Select the angle in which you will be able to perform push-ups properly. Your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulders; palms turned slightly to the side. While performing the push-ups, the angle between the elbows and body should be approximately 45 degrees, the body itself should make a straight line, without bending at the waist.
  • Squats: Place your feet shoulder width apart, hands pulled back and down. Jump forward and up to the next step. At the time of the repulsion from the surface throw your hands forward, thereby helping yourself to jump ahead and keep balance. Try to land softly on the pads of your toes. To make the jump soft, use your whole body, not only legs.
  • Sprint: Sprint is a Sprint, albeit on a sloping surface. Try to run as fast as possible to the top. Be very careful and hurry in moderation. Tilt your upper body a bit forward while running, keep your knees soft and your spine in neutral position. And don’t forget to include the work of the hands and upper body.
  • One-leg-jumps: While jumping, try landing on your toe pads, knees soft. Don’t forget to help yourself with your hands and turn the work of abdominal muscles — it will help you to keep balance better.
  • Burpee: This is an exercise, which involves the work of multiple muscle groups. Although the most loaded muscles are your leg muscles (biceps, thigh buttock, and calf), pectorals, triceps, and shoulders are also involved. Virtually there is no muscle, which is not affected by burpee.  This exercise is suitable for broad steps. Run burpee on the bottom step. At the moment of a jump up move up a notch. Jump back on the first step and repeat.

Arthritis Joint Pain

Arthritis may not be lethal, but it sure can make your life difficult. Usually, it’s treated with painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. Reasons to arthritis vary widely, one of them though can be extra weight. Extra weight leads to extra pressure, which leads to pain and damage. That’s where our stair-exercises might be of some help. 

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10-minute ride can cost you up to 30-40 calories. Regular exercises not only help you to lose weight, but they also keep your joints flexible. It might not seem like a big impact at the moment, but trust me, the more regularly you do it, the sooner your joint pain relief.

Don’t consider these exercises an ultimate solution though, if the pain in your joint is due to an injury, for example, the best thing you can do is to see a doctor.

Be aware that there are some contradictions to Stairs-exercises. They’re a total “no-go” for those of you with varices, serious overweight or spine problems.


Here’s a little advice to the healthy ones: use stairs as often as possible and forget elevators were ever invented. According to Swiss researchers, Dr. Philippe Meyer and Professor Adam Timmis and their study taking stairs regularly can notable prolong our lifespan.

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