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Top 7 advices for teens that are planning for bodybuilding

If you want to start lifting…

Bodybuilding for teens

It’s a really good decision to do bodybuilding while you’re still a teenager. It will help in developing an attractive body in your 20s, and you will also be able to maintain an overall good health. The study shows that regular exercises can not only improve your physical health, but it can also enhance your mental health and make you smart. How cool is it? You will be having an attractive body and a smart mind.


Another good thing about exercise is that it helps in erectile dysfunction treatment. The study conducted to know the relationship between erectile dysfunction and exercise found that men who exercise more have a better erection than those men who don’t exercise, as regular exercises improve erection and sexual function. Having said all that, you should be willing to listen to other people and learn more if you’re just starting out to avoid bodybuilding mistakes.

How to do bodybuilding correctly?

There are many things to know about bodybuilding. However, you don’t need to worry because you will gradually enhance your knowledge as the time passes by. For now, let’s see the top 7 advice that will lead to bodybuilding success as a teenager. – 

1. Take time to research about foods

Some foods are bad; some are good; some are better, and some are the best you can have. The worst foods you can have are nacho cheese, Doritos, and other junk foods. Some good food choices are beef jerky, orange juice; some better foods you can have are white rice, tuna, and the best foods you can have are fruits, unprocessed meat, whole milk, and so on. Remember that you cannot always select the best foods to consume.

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The key is to maximize the consumption of the best foods and minimize the consumption of the worst foods.

2. Don’t ignore your body

Your appetite will increase due to weight training. If you feel hungry, then have a snack. Eat some almonds, whey protein, string cheese, and so on. Don’t ignore your hunger. Sometimes it may also be difficult to have enough energy for sex after exercises. You can consume testosterone booster like the Zytek XL to improve your sexual performance if needed.

3. Too much is dangerous

Too much of anything is dangerous. The study shows that too much training is as bad as not doing any training at all. You can feel exhausted all day; have a short fuse, heavy legs, and so on because of excessive workouts. Likewise, too much protein is also not good.

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4. Know about calorie density

You must be thinking, Why calorie density? It’s because a calorie dense food can contribute to the extra weight. Many people gain weight because they consume a lot of junk and processed foods. A bag of tortilla chips contains over 2,000 calories, which is equal to 12 baked potatoes.

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5. At least 150 grams of protein

It’s important for teenagers to intake at least 150 grams of protein a day to grow muscles and to repair muscle tissues. For females, they should aim for at least 100 grams of protein in a day. There are plenty of foods that contain quality protein, such as beef, eggs, chicken, seafood, beans, whole milk, and so on. For those who have difficulty to intake enough protein each day, they can consume protein shakes to meet their needs.

6. Fat intake is necessary

Many people may have a negative attitude towards fat, but the fact is that fat intake is very important. Your body needs enough fat for proper development and growth. The intake of healthy fats also contributes in assisting energy level, maintaining healthy skin, regulating hormones, and more. Another important thing to understand is that fat does not increase your weight.

However, it’s important to avoid Tran’s fats. Some of the sources of healthy fats are milk, nuts, eggs, avocados, and so on.

7. Don’t ignore cardio and stretching

Many teenagers ignore stretching themselves before workout and cardio. Stretching yourself helps in improving flexibility, whereas cardio workouts can help to keep you in good physical shape. Furthermore, cardio workouts can also help in reducing your extra pounds, which will increase testosterone level in male. Do allocate enough time for stretching and cardio workouts.


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By now, you must have known that bodybuilding is not only about lifting weights and doing some warm-ups. You should have knowledge about the varieties of workouts, supplements, diets, and more. If you follow these 7 pieces of advice properly, then you will see a very good progress in your journey of developing an attractive body. Lastly, you should make sure you’re going to a gym on a regular basis because a long gap can make all your hard works in vain. 

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