How The Supplement Industry Is Changing Everything

A Global Phenomenon

Supplementation is a global industry that has been growing larger by the minute, it seems. Perhaps its growth is even more expedient. There’s a lot of money in supplements, as they are in high demand. It’s no wonder why, when you consider some of the things certain supplements can do for you.

For example, Qualia can help you remove anxiety, social awkwardness, fatigue, pain, brain fog and forgetfulness, it can improve your ability to focus, just to name a few.

Supplementation is even driving research and development. There is a definite need to test on animals how effective certain supplements are, and this has in part led to innovations like RapID Lab who offer most humane miniature automated mouse ear tags available.

Faster test-animal cataloguing leads to expedited results. These are fed by a new movement to “hack” the mind. Basically, various drugs and supplements are used in a variety of ways to produce desirable mental effects. As these are studied, the findings show some have apparent advantage to daily life.

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The Strategic Approach

Of course, there’s no real substitute for healthy living, but supplementation definitely has its advocates. What you want to do is be strategic about their use. The key is not to become dependent. But then again, what’s your relationship with coffee?

Caffeine is a psychoactive, physically addicting drug. If you drink a lot of coffee and go without it for a day, you’re going to get a pounding headache. The reason is that the caffeine surrogates certain substances in the mind. The brain then dials back natural quotients of these substances, and when the caffeine is gone, the brain is in a deficit.

So, if you want to quit drinking coffee without a headache, you’ve got to gradually dial it back. Working out and eating right can help, but then again, there are a lot of needs caffeine meets, making this interdependence desirable.

Well, supplements and drugs can have a similar effect. The more natural the substances, the more likely you are to have fewer withdrawal symptoms. But there are “brain hacks” which will use synthetic substances at times, and caffeine itself is addictive though natural. Supplemental solutions can be very effective, but you should understand your own physiology beforehand.

Industry-Driven Development

Still, you’ll find many of America’s top industries are driven by mentally stimulating supplementation. This is especially true in the Silicon Valley, and you’re likely to see a variety of diverse nootropics on any college campus today. As these supplements become more popular, they are tested with increasing frequency and refined.

It’s getting to the point where there are certain industries that require you to have such a competitive edge that comes from supplementation. So, again, as this industry develops, you’ve got to approach it with a well thought-out strategy.

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The Future

The future has some exciting—or frightening—potentialities indeed. As the mind is hacked via supplementation, additional advances in conventional technology are additionally beginning to map and influence the mind. For example, there are now prosthetics which can be manipulated directly by the mind through electronic impulses.

Many don’t think of supplements as technological innovations, but the truth is they are.

Now imagine an electronic supplement of nano-machines—machines so tiny they can’t be observed by the human eye. The possibilities could very well be endless. It’s a “sky’s the limit” situation. At the very least, it makes a lot of sense to research these developments to see whether or not they’re worth your while.

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