Tone and Sculpt Your Entire Body With These 5 Moves

According to Pete McCall, a physical trainer and exercise physiologist, American Council on Exercise, most of us have unrealistic expectations when it comes to gym workouts. With a few squats and push-ups, we become anxious about getting our bodies toned like those of movie stars and models we see on TV. However, the truth is that nothing works that first.

I know many people have tried several workouts to get their bodies toned but all in vain. Well, there is good news at last; a single workout procedure that you can do at home and be able to tone up your entire body, Tracy Anderson Tighten up with a towel.

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What is the Tracy Anderson Tighten up with a towel?

It is a full body workout that involves the use of a towel to help achieve a toned body with the perfect shape and posture. Little people knew that the ultimate solution to body trimming was right in the bathroom and it is all good for everybody including individuals suffering different types of arthritis.

With the modern, fast-paced world, we are likely to be involved in various activities that cause severe effects on our bodies. For instance, slouching in your office chair for hours on a daily basis ultimately leaves you with hunched shoulders due to the closing of the upper body. This will make you look completely unfit. Suffering from various diseases like arthritis may, however, make certain works completely difficult to perform as a result of the arthritis joint pain. If you are struggling to get relief from arthritis joint pain but still need to keep yourself fit, then simple exercises will come in handy because the exercises offer some benefits in the treatment program.

To have a lean body, you need to work out the upper body even more. Opening yourself up and undertaking simple exercises using your towel will do a lot of good to your physique sooner than you expect.

The logic behind the working of this workout is stretching your arms, pressing the shoulders and opening up the entire upper body. This exercise, on the other hand, engages the brain which controls the working of the whole body.

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This Tracy Anderson workout not only helps in stretching the upper body but also helps extend and lift the lower body. This ensures that the body gets streamlined to become straighter. The entire workout comprises of 5 different positions which make it easy to tone the whole body after. All you need to do is make it a routine and do at least 30 reps of each combined with at least 30 minutes of cardio throughout the week.

1.    Lunge and Arabesque

In this position, you have to kneel on one knee (probably the left) while the other foot (right) rests on the floor with toes pointed outwards and the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. After that, you then need to grab your towel above the head. Lower yourself forward slowly as the hands comes to a resting position the ground. While doing this, swing the right leg backwards and up then return to the initial position as you repeat this at least 30 times before moving to the next.

2.    Knee pull and arabesque

Hold the towel tight and rest on all fours. Start by raising the left thigh on one side as you lower the knee down to the right arm while extending the left elbow up till the towel is tight. Pull the left knee towards the shoulders and pull the leg backwards up with the toes in a pointed position. Finish by bring the legs back into the original position as you repeat the workout and change positions for the legs.

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3.    Coupe to attitude lift

Make yourself in the kneeling position then hold the towel tight behind the head. Lower the left hand down to the floor as you tuck the left ankle on the right knee. Move the left thigh up and down repeatedly then change positions and repeat the same.

4.    Straight leg swing

This is a simple workout by Tracy Anderson where you need to lie on one side in a relaxed manner with both the legs slightly bent. In this position, prop the upper body up on one arm and placing the other on the floor then extending one leg, the one on top, straight up. You will then have to rotate the entire upper body to face down as you come to the other knee and extending the other leg straight up like the first case. In this position, you have to ensure the toes of your feet are in pointed position. Finally, you come to the original position then repeat the same a couple of times.

5.    Knee hike and hip lift

In this exercise, you need to lie down on one side with the other leg bent at a 90-degree position. Try to raise the upper body a little on the arm you are resting on while keeping the other on the floor. Raise one hip up, and you pull the other knee in towards the shoulder part to form a 90-degree shape. Finally, return to the original position and repeat the exercise a couple of times before changing positions.


Tracy Anderson’s tighten up with a towel is a crucial workout that works miracles for those that are looking forward to getting their bodies toned no matter what their condition is. The exercises are simple and can be done from the comfort of your home. While there are various other workout moves to help get toned for you to consider, including the Tracy Anderson tighten up with a towel will help achieve your workout goals quick.


For a completely toned body, every part of the body needs to be involved in the various exercises you undertake right from the toes to the head including the brain which improves focus on whatever you are doing. Tracy Anderson, an American multiplatform fitness entrepreneur, and author, will guide you through various exercises for specific body parts so that you can achieve a balanced workout that will result into a toned body.

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