Top 5 Useful Tips To Prevent Nail Infections

Most nail problems result from fungal infections that can cause your nails to get thick, brittle, and discolored. Therefore, taking care of your nails is important as much as taking care of other body parts. Getting rid of a nail infection may be difficult, which may take a few months to get the results. So, prevention is completely your best choice. Luckily, it is easy to keep the nails healthy and prevent these infections by following some tips below.

1. Keep The Nails Dry And Clean

Soak the nails in lukewarm soapy water for 15 minutes, clean and scrub the nails with a soft toothbrush. Make sure that your nails are free from dirt or dust. This will keep your nails clean and prevent a nail infection caused by the accumulation of germs and dirt. Next, dry your nails completely. The excess moisture between your fingers or toes can create a great environment to begin a fungal infection.

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In addition, remember to scrub the feet & heels once per week. Regular exfoliation keeps your feet smooth and soft and reduces the chance of calluses or corns.

2. Wear Proper Footwear

Wearing proper footwear is essential for reducing the risk of ingrown nails and a toenail fungus. Therefore, you should avoid wearing the shoes that pinch your toes or place the pressure on your toes.

Apart from the size, opt for footwear made from breathable materials such as leather or canvas so that there is more air circulating around the feet. This helps to keep the feet drier and less likely to get toenail fungus.

Like shoes, opt for socks that aid in absorbing sweat, like socks made from cotton. Remember to change your socks often.

3. Never Cut Your Cuticles

Cuticles are scar tissue and offer a protective layer against bacteria entering through your nail bed. Therefore, never cut the cuticles because it makes you more likely to fungi, infections, and painful hangnails.

To deal with cuticles, soak the hand in the lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Pat them dry, apply coconut or olive oil and then gently massage for 5 minutes. Finally, push the cuticles back gently with a clean orangewood stick.

4. Keep Your Nails & Cuticles Moisturized

Applying moisturizer to the nails regularly helps them to grow healthy and strong. It can also protect the nails from chipping, breaking, splitting, and cracking due to the lack of moisture. Moreover, this also helps to make your cuticles look better.

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Being one of the best ways on how to whiten skin fast, olive oil is also used to moisturize your nails. For the best results, use it on your cuticles & nails before bedtime to help it penetrate into your skin. This oil even helps to repair damage and make the nails & cuticles soften, which will result in healthy & strong nails.

5. Avoid Over-washing Your Feet & Hands

Over-washing makes you more prone to a nail infection. Moreover, the nails are more likely to become break and brittle. If you must wash your hands frequently, ensure to pat them dry properly.

Moreover, try to wear gloves while doing household chores. This helps to reduce the contact of your hands with harsh chemicals in dishwashing liquids or laundry detergents.



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