Victoria Lomba Interview for Romanian fans

I recently had the chance to talk with the one and only Victoria Lomba.

Of Spanish origin (Spanish Brazilian Mother and Father), began in the fitness world 12 years ago working as a personal trainer in Spain in her own Personal Training Studio.

She considers herself as a simple person, mother of three girls, sports and adventure lover, healthy living and fitness lifestyle. Her pictures and videos are shared in publications at International levels such as Muscle & Fitness, Muscular Development and IronMan magazine.

She works as a brand image for companies such as Sea Protein (Spain), Mutated Nation (Paris) House Of Supplement (Australia) Revtect Power Nutrition (Spain) Meelectronic (USA), all brands related to the world of fitness and sports nutrition.

Currently training at the best gyms in Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, where you can hire her Fitness Professional Consulting services.


So, without further ado, let’s see a great interview with the one and only Victoria Lomba, for

1. Thank you for accepting this interview. Please tell us at what age did u start a healthy lifestyle?

VL: Hello there! I’m working in the fitness world, for 15 years, beginning work as models in the United States, France and Spain, I see a lot of girls training in Los Angeles and start training slowly later study and prepare as Personal Trainer and I open my first Personal trainer in central Spain, then came many opportunities and competitions in IFBB hard work for many years.

2. What mistakes u did as a beginner and how difficult it was to get started?

VL: We all make the same mistakes, we have a toned and defined body is easy, but the secret is diet and hard training, if you want a body like a professional, you need at least 10 years of training and diet, so get some quality muscle, thousands of reps are what make you have a hard body, diet will give you a thin and transparent skin.

3. What tips and tricks can you give, for people to stay focused and dedicated?

VL: My best advice is to get in the hands of a professional, not wasting time, not look diets and workouts on the Internet, each person needs a personal program, I have my own coach and my nutritionist, they do all the work, I just do case their advice.


4. How u manage to eat healthy and stay fit when traveling?

VL: I have no problem, always prepare meals for my first day, then quickly look for a supermarket and make meals every day, I stay away from the dining and junk food! I travel only once every four weeks, and when I cheat just as rora flesh, never junk food.

5. What is your favorite music when you exercise?

VL: Certainly I like Hip-Hop and Rap! Although I like all kinds of music, all depends on my moral state, the Heavy can be good for a day of hard leg training.

6. Tell us your routine for that awesome booty and legs :)


VL: The final routine to improve your lower body:

The well-developed legs are hard to find, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack in this sport, it is usually because in order to give an effective stimulus to your quadriceps, back of your legs, buttocks and calves need to train with the appropriate exercises and with the necessary intensity that has many people find it hard to achieve.

Pyramidal do 7 sets of squats with a good execution time, with adequate rest between series and hypertrophy to generate the ideal weight is something very difficult to do more is not impossible. Train legs extreme form is something that only two people would; the guys that my post-workout drink and steal my mother. Really this is a good stimulus torture them and then having to endure this pain back muscle myofibrils blight need to grow.

This time I prepared an example of a training program for someone who is intermediate and want to promote muscle anabolism, but what really makes the difference is not so much the routine, but the focus on your diet and cardio to lose fat or increase muscle mass.

Also remember that if you have a good training program and generate the required intensity in this, not see very good changes, the first task is torturing these myocytes (muscle cells) with this routine, then let it nourish and repair through Sleep, repeating the process again and again, this is the secret of continuous muscle growth.

The importance of free squat bar.

It is important to always do the king of exercises for the lower body, the Smith machine is not a villain but definitely not any strength training expert will tell you to recruit as many motor units, stabilizing muscles to work efficiently and break many muscle fibers must do squats, barbell and free, there is no choice.

Squats are free indispensables. Sentadilla barbell 7 series in a pyramid shape.

In this pyramid method you should start with a very close weight you usually use for your 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions. You provided your standard weight for 4 sets of 8-10 reps is 100 Kg. Looping a pyramidal method after performing your warm joint and muscle must start with 80 Kg. For the first series, then the second number you put 90 kg. third series in 95 Kg. fourth and get to 100 kg. then you start number five series with 95 kg. again and in the sixth go for 90 kg. In the seventh installment you put 80 Kg., And there you have an example of how to do the squat pyramidal making 7 series.

It is important that you do what many people do when they do their exercises in the pyramid, it is typical to hear they make their first series with just the bar to “muscle pump and heat” (generating wasting too much lactic acid and ATP) and then they put weight but very little and it is only in the last series they put a weight that really rete, although in the pyramid method start it with less weight and this increases, you should not start with a load of laughter.

4 Biseries Leg Press and Leg Extension

Our next exercise is the Leg Press and Leg Extension, made ​​in bisérié. That is, that after finishing your 8 or 10 reps on Leg Press, then without rest raisins Leg Extension Machine, that is a bisérié. Bisérié rest between each 90 seconds.

What matters is that both you calculate the proper weight, that I like most of the exercises fail in the concentric phase (when you go up the weight in these exercises) in repetition 8, 9 or 10.

4 sets of Deadlift

There are several types of dead weight, power, of which there are conventional and the high type, but which interests us is that work the back of your body and that many perpetrators of strength training they call chain triple: are the erector spinae muscles, buttocks and making up the back of your leg (biceps femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus mainly).

Deadlift.This is necessary to maintain the spine in an arched position, never curved because the risk of injury is great, maintain a microbending knees throughout the movement, lower the weight as far as your flexibility allows, not commit further lower the position of your back and let that curves as it will not give you a better development and if you do you candidate lesions.

4 sets of lunges with bar

Milos Sarcev in Hack. Este squat is another excellent exercise to develop your glutes and quadriceps generates very good neuromuscular coordination and some people never learn to do it correctly, there may be one who does it in perfect form from their first contact with the weights and in some cases can take months to do it properly.

The important thing is to keep a natural curve in your spine throughout the movement, not lean forward and you always keep the left to promote this position on your back chest. Are best performed by stepping forward and then return the foot to its original position, static lunges do not provide the same stimulus and make them back requires excellent coordination and flexibility, plus if you use too much weight can easily injure yourself.

Leg Curl lying decrecivas 7 series

Our next exercise is the Leg Curl, so do it as I decreciva, begins the first series with the maximum weight you can lift for 8 to 10 reps, then each series can do fewer repetitions and / or lose a little weight.

Detach prevents pad and stretches well posterior muscles of the leg, performs the movement in a controlled manner each time slow contracting muscles trained.

4 Biseries Calf standing on machine type and Donkey Calf

Finally there is nothing like a good job of calves, exercises to perform are elevations machine stopped and “burritos”.

Start doing your first year in the calf machine with a weight that allows you to do sets of 8-10 repetitions, rest immediately and go to the machine type donkey calf or ask a friend to help you do it, here beam series 30 and 50 repetitions.

– Rest 45 seconds between straight series.
– In the rest biseries 90 seconds.

– Do not forget to always bring water and hydrate properly.

– If you get dizzy or have nausea is likely to have reached the point of metabolic acidosis, so I have to congratulate because then it means that you do attached to the schemes of sets, reps, rest between sets and runtime . Rest a couple of minutes and continue your training,

– The frequency of these workouts for your legs can be 1 and every 3 to 5 days depending recover both evenings, uses pain as a good sign and train legs again when almost do not hurt those muscles.

– Please after performing this routine do not forget that only half the work done and must eat well, rest and suplementarte properly.

– Realízala for at least 12 weeks and I promise you if you’ve eaten properly trained and beam with sufficient intensity have at least 1-3 cm. More on your thighs, better buttocks and calves have better muscle quality.

7. Do you reccomend any supplements?

VL: I believe in protein quality, BCAAS , Vitamin B and a good fat burner, the winter months also Glutamine at night, my body does not need more!

8. Are you planing a World Tour?

VL: I have many commitments for this year! Maybe I’m missing for visiting Brazil and Australia

9. Have you ever been to Romania? Would you like to come?

VL: No but I would love to. You invite me? I accept invitations to train in Fitness and lecture!


10. Send a message to all Romanian fans!

VL: Thanks for giving me this great opportunity, if you want to see morea bout me, you can visit me on my facebook page.

Kisses and Thanks
Victoria Lomba


Thank you Victoria for this interview. Keep it up, keep it fit, keep it healthy!

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