Why do you NEED a personal trainer?!

What does sports mean to you? What sport do you practice? Do you do sports to lose weight? To stay fit? Do you work out for yourself or for those around you?

Where do you practice sport, in the gym, outdoors or at home? What kind of sports do you practice?

The answer to these questions is very simple: sports means health! You work out (whatever sport you choose) for yourself and for your health. If you are healthy, it’s clear that you look and feel better, no matter where you exercise. It clearly matters that you perform the sport correctly and without injuring yourself.


I’ve been in the wellness business for about 15 years and I understand what taking part in sports really is. In some peoples’ minds sports seems to be an act of pumping weights to show-off to others therefore putting their ego before putting their safety!

I want to talk a little about the need for a Personal Trainer. Generally having a Personal Trainer is conceived to be too expensive and not necessary. What is a Personal Trainer? It means the Personal Trainer knows exactly what you need in terms of a healthy lifestyle, what to eat and when to train in-order to achieve the desired results in a natural and healthy manner. A good Personal Trainer will know how to tailor your workout so that you get the best results in the shortest amount time.

There are many who will go into a fitness centre and say “I did not require this, I don’t know how to push the chest press why am I working my biceps now?”… Briefly, I’ll give you some good reasons why you need a Personal Trainer:

– A Personal Trainer will motivate you. No matter how indestructible you are before, during or after exercise, a good personal trainer will always find resources to motivate you to continue.

– Each individual is unique. Every person is very different. Therefore, a good Personal Trainer will organise your schedule according to certain parameters and objectives.

– A good Personal Trainer offers efficiency. Working to a specific program for each individual to as certain good results in-order to reach the next goal. Only a Personal Trainer can help you to achieve this!


– A good Personal Trainer will teach you the correct execution of each exercise, the proper form. Generally, without guidance the basic exercises are not performed safely. A Personal Trainer will help you accomplish this correctly and safely. A Personal Trainer commits to take care of your health. One of the rules of a good Personal Trainer is to maintain and improve the client’s health whilst making absolute sure that all the exercises are executed properly.

– A good Personal Trainer should know how to overcome moments of stagnation that inevitably occur.

– An experienced Personal Trainer will help you to avoid injuries; your Personal Trainer should always be looking out for your safety first!

– A good Personal Trainer must be able to customise a workout, regardless of where you train and whatever time you have available.

– A good Personal Trainer will NOT allow dependency. In other words; not to take advantage of their clients by prolonging a program to stabalise his/her income. A genuine Personal Trainer will always put YOU first so that you can exercise effectively, efficiently and safely on you’re your own by the end of your program!

– Your Personal Trainer is your confidant and friend (within limits). You should be able to confide in other problems if it were affecting your workouts, including problems with eating adjustments and the sports you are carrying out.

– A good Personal Trainer will put together your workouts to be more encouraging and enticing instead of boring and mundane in-order that YOU benefit you after each session.

Because of these reasons there is a legit demand for a Personal Trainer. The initial fee might appear a great deal but when one analyses the arguments and counterarguments, one can certainly see that one will actually save time and money by calling a professional!


Okay, how do I find a Personal Trainer to suit me? – Perhaps this is the main question you will ask yourself. Well the answer is the very simple: documents will not make any difference. In particular, you should not be impressed by masses of certificates and diplomas. Sure one of the pluses is that they are certified to coach and that by design sounds safe, but the ultimate test is from the experience being with a Personal Trainer and THE results achieved being with them. Choose a Personal Trainer according to personal recommendations based on the results from your friends, family and acquaintances HAVE had. Then you CAN decide which Personal Trainer is suitable for YOU! There is an advantage, to which I am being modest.

I, as a Personal Trainer can say that I have had immense results and continue to do so with the people I have worked with and currently work with. I work hard with dedication and passion for each of my clients. I work with people to accomplish THEIR goals. I LISTEN to them before I know what exercise regime and food plan I need to put together and they have all confirmed that my plan has WORKED for them! I personally check my forums on Facebook , Twitter and YouTube . If you want more information, contact here on what I can offer as a…Personal Trainer:

– slimming

– weight loss

– fat loss

– corporate fitness

– endurance training

muscle toning

– muscle growth

– training for a sport test

– resistance growing

– up speed

– recovery after an injury

– lifestyle change

– choosing a balanced and healthy lifestyle

For best results, regardless of any field, you need a specialist! If you can only change a light bulb, you still need an electrician to change your entire electrical network. If you replace a broken faucet, you still need a plumber to change the whole system. If you know what to eat for a healthy meal, if you know that you love to do sports and keep fit, you still need a Personal Trainer for your physical effort to give you the best results. In any field you still need a specialist.

Keep well, keep fit and keep healthy! If you want me to become your online coach, just contact me!

Written by Valentin Bosioc

Valentin Bosioc - wellness specialist, certified personal trainer, certified fitness instructor, celebrity trainer, Musclemania Champion, Ninja Warrior Semifinalist, world wide motivator!

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